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DSNI - Walk for Dudley - September 25 2010

Posted: Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Nancy Conrad
Photos of Walk for Dudley

DSNI's mission is: DSNI Walk for Dudley 2010

"To empower Dudley residents to organize, plan for, create and control a vibrant, diverse and high quality neighborhood in collaboration with community partners." 

The Walk for Dudley was a wonderful example of this mission and the overall philosophy of DSNI (Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative).  Well over 100 people turned out.  They had many reasons for being there:
  • Some were visiting from out-of-town and heard about the event
  • Many were from the immediate neighborhood
  • The upcoming Kroc Center was a big part of the attraction
  • Sherriff Andrea Cabral spoke (and we enjoyed her comments)
  • Some people were raising money for their own organizations

It's even possible that some showed up for the great food, conversation, opportunity to meet other people and then eat again at the afternoon's picnic.
DSNI Walk for Dudley 2010DSNI Walk for Dudley 2010Over the years DSNI has established long-lasting partnerships with businesses serving the neighborhoods that DSNI supports.  Some of these businesses are local and have been around for years.  Some are large corporations doing business in the DSNI area.

Regardless of the size, location or business focus of the DSNI partners, they all have the same goal in mind and that is the support, growth and improved vitality of our neighborhoods.  

After all, it is the increased economic strength of our community that then empowers our residents to become customers of these businesses.
DSNI Walk for Dudley 2010The DSNI staff greeted the crowd of people who couldn't wait to get started on their walk.  Sheriff Cabral spoke to us.  DSNI Walk for Dudley 2010We partook in wonderful breakfast food provided by DSNI.  

Finally, before the walk started, we all ventured to the far arch of the school yard for the annual Dudley Walk photo (this being the sixth one).

It is important to emphasize that DSNI does not organize this event "just for themselves."  They provide this event as an opportunity for other organizaations to participate as fundraising for themselves.  
So if you ask DSNI how much money they raised with this event, they can't answer that question.  Furthermore, it doesn't matter.  Organizations helping others is the name of the game.

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