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Dorchester - Posted Street Sweeping Regulation Changes - April 2013

Posted Street Sweeping Changes April 2013

Street Sweeper As announced in the fall of 2012, the City of Boston, Public Works Department, is following through on its plan to implement "posted street sweeping" in Dorchester.  This marks a long-awaited change that many sections of Dorchester have been "clamoring" about for years.

While other sections of the City have long benefitted from regular cleanings, most of Uphams Corner, especially the section west of Columbia Road has not.  With scheduled street cleaning, the pros and cons are obvious but the pros dramatically outweigh any inconvenience.
  1. Unmoved cars will be ticketed and towed
  2. Residents will have to pay a fine and a fee for retrieving their car(s)
  3. Stolen or abandoned cars are much more readily identifiable
  4. Street sweeping around parked cars is a waste of City resources
  5. Street sweeping along a clear and open path is beneficial for all

Citizen involvement in the effective implementation of this much needed city service is important.  In two cases, one on Bird Street off Hancock and on Humphreys Street Cleaning SignStreet, even with posted street cleaning signs, no cars were moved or towed so the street cleaning was not taking place.  At least not until residents called the problem into the City. 

Public Works Official Announcement

The Boston Public Works Department (PWD) will be implementing a new schedule of street sweeping days for much of the Dorchester neighborhood starting in April of 2013.

The goal of the alterations is to provide mechanical street sweeping services to more closely follow your residential trash collection day.  Currently, posted mechanical street sweeping does not immediately follow the trash collection days in Dorchester.

  • PWD will change many of the street sweeping days in the neighborhood to more closely follow the collection schedule.  This will alleviate much of the litter generated by the weekly residential trash collection in a faster and more efficient manner.
  • This will affect the days of sweeping but not the vast majority of the current posted hours. 
  • The Boston Transportation Department will make the necessary changes over the Winter months to the posted sweeping signs on the affected streets to reflect the new street sweeping days which will begin in April of 2013.
  • Residents can assist by observing the posted regulations and following the guidelines for proper trash and recycling placement at curbside.  Residents can also register for street sweeping schedule notifications by accessing the KNOW TOW link at www.cityofboston.gov. 
  • This effort is also being conducted over a two year period in 10 other neighborhoods across the City.

The Boston Publics Works Department is continuing to explore more effective means of basic City service delivery in this challenging fiscal climate. 


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Posted: January 20, 2013     Nancy J Conrad


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