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Dorchester Day Parade - Chili Cook-off -  April 10, 2011

Posted: April 10, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

The 5th anniversary of the legendary chili cook-off was successful with 21 organizations contributing chili, nachos and cheese and several hundred attendees sampling the best of the Dorchester chilis.  All of this took place on Sunday afternoon, 3-6pm, at the IBEW hall on Freeport Street. 

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Credit goes to Patty O' Neill for organizing the event and proceeds go to benefit the Dorchester Day Parade Committee. 
Consider giving Patty a big thank you.  (617) 265-5397 or pattiashmont@gmail.com.

Dierdre lives on Caruth Street She was having a great time and really liked the chilis prepared by two neighborhood associations: Ashmont Adams and Cedar Grove
Ed from Charlestown
Prefers the spicy chili made by Ledge.  Why did he come all the way from Charlestown?  Because he knows Doug Bennett.
Kelly lives on Pope's Hill
And liked the Turkey chili made by Coldwell Banker.
Aine lives in Cambridge but works in Codman Square
She is a vegetarian so the vegetarian chili prepared by Ashmont Hill was a big hit with her:  a piece of toast with white beans, guacamole and cilantro.
Liked the Cedar Grove chili.  It was soupy, she said, but it was made with shredded beef and that gave it a nice texture.
Mike Lewis
Works at the Butcher Shop Market and prepared his specialty chili the same way he has prepared it for 40 years.  It all started when he was a cook on a submarine.  First he roasts whole jalapeno peppers and eventually combines the ingredients, cooking it to the right consistency.  But the real secret is that the chili needs to marinate for seven (7) days before serving.
Octavio Dos Santos
Works at the Freeport Tavern, 780 Morrissey Blvd.  His chili is sweet and spicy, made from beef and is on the hot side.  It is very popular, he said.
Carlos Gomez
Is from Ledge in Lower Mills.  His chili is southwestern style.  He begins with Vidalia onions which he swets and carmelizes to bring out the sweetness.  He adds pepper and corn which he first grills to give it a slight smokey flavor.  He uses beef but not ground beef.  No beans at this stage because they leach out and cause the chili to thicken.  After cooking about 3 1/2 hours, he combines the chili mixture and the beans for the finished product.
Sue Collins lives on Neponset Ave.
And represented Coldwell Banker.  She was the cook but used a recipe provided by another Coldwell employee, Jan.  Their chili is turkey based with kidney and cannelini beans.  She first browns the turkey, then adds diced onions and peppers softened in olive oil.  She adds tomato sauce and whole peeled tomatoes.  She calls it a one-alarm chili - just hot enough.  Is her chili popular?  Yes, she says, because many people prefer turkey which is a slightly sweet meat.
Chili Cook-off Chili Cook-off
Chili Cook-off Chili Cook-off
Chili Cook-off Chili Cook-off
Chili Cook-off Chili Cook-off
Chili Cook-off Chili Cook-off
Chili Cook-off Chili Cook-off
Chili Cook-off Chili Cook-off Chili Cook-off
Chili Cook-off Chili Cook-off

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