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Dorchester Bay to Develop Food Processing Small Business Center

Dorchester Bay is Bringing Jobs Back into the Community

Dorchester Bay Economic Development CorporationOne key project of the Quincy Street Corridor is the blighted 35,000 SF former Pearl Meat Packing Co. plant. 

Many rounds of meetings have taken place within the community regarding the future use of the "old" Pearl Meats Building. Through these meetings, it has become clear residents want jobs back in the community. 

Many local residents worked at the old Pearl Meat Factory when it was open, and some workers continued with the new plant in Randolph.  The redevelopment of this building into a job center would meet the number one need stated by local residents.

What’s happening with the Old Pearl Meats Building?

Dorchester Bay EDC purchased the factory for $1.1million two years ago and will redevelop it into a $12 million multi-tenant food production facility.  “There is a huge demand in Boston for small food production spaces, this will be a big job center,” says Jeanne DuBois, executive director of Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corp.

The rehabilitated building and jobs center will be called the Bornstein and Pearl Food Processing Small Business Center. This building will be green and energy efficient with possibly a hydroponic garden and solar panels on the roof.

Future Bornstein & Pearl Food Processing Small Business Center

Bornstein and Pearl Food Processing Center

The center is expected to generate 80 to 100 jobs in the first three years.  It will have:
  • A shared kitchen
  • Refrigeration and storage
  • 30 to 40 start-ups
  • 5-8 growing businesses.

The master lease will be held by the nonprofit CropCircle Kitchen, which operates a similar facility in Jamaica Plain. Small businesses that are currently interested in leasing include
  • A baker
  • A gelato maker
  • Makers of honey and salsa products
For more information contact Dorchester Bay at:

Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation
594 Columbia Road, Dorchester, MA 02125

Website: www.dbedc.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dorchesterbayedc

This article submitted by Ms. Sandra West, Director of Marketing for Dorchester.  She has worked for Dorchester Bay for close to 10 years.  To contact Sandra directly, 617-825-4200 x 210 or swest@dbedc.org

Posted: September 24, 2012     Submitted by Sandra West

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