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Dorchester Bay Awarded $150,000 Grant

Posted: April 20, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

On Thursday, April 12, 2012 Lt. Gov. Tim Murray, the Massachusetts Broadband Institute, and federal and state officials announced four grant awards from the Massachusetts Broadband Institute totaling $600,000. The grant will be used to enhance broadband adoption and support for small businesses and non-profit organizations.  The Broadband Institute, a division of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative,  has been awarded the money through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s State Broadband Initiative Program.

The $600,000 in federal funding, supported by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, is being distributed to four community development corporations, each receiving $150,000 to provide technical assistance and resources for 40 small businesses and non-profit organizations in regions throughout Massachusetts.

Broadband grant awarded to Dorchester Bay

The good news for Upham’s Corner is that one of the four grant awards went to one of our local CDC’s, Dorchester Bay.  On April 19, the governor’s office officially awarded the $150,000 check to Dorchester Bay at a ceremony held at the Strand Theatre.  Present for the ceremony were representatives from the local business community including Citizens Bank, East Boston Savings Bank, Upham’s Corner Main Street, PC Solutions, Pacific Insurance and more.

Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation has been in existence since 1979, and is entering its 33rd year as a premiere economic organization in Boston. DBEDC is focused on bringing modern, safe and reasonably priced housing to the the Dorchester neighborhood;  organizing its residents to be an effective and integral voice in the affairs of Boston and Dorchester;  and providing capital access to small business throughout the community.

With over 1,000 housing units developed, 3 factories focused on job creation, and over 350 loans to the small business community throughout the community, DBEDC is an effective player in the community development arena. This particular loan and grant product from Mass Broadband can be partnered with other DB loans to support and strengthen our local businesses.

Other CDCs which will get the funding are
  • The Community Economic Development Center of Southeastern Massachusetts in New Bedford
  • Pittsfield Economic Revitalization Corporation
  • The Quaboag Valley Community Development Corporation in Ware

Broadband grant awarded to Dorchester Bay Broadband grant awarded to Dorchester Bay
Each of the organizations will use $60,000 to provide technical training and support to small businesses and non-profit organizations in their service area for two years, and $90,000 to help small businesses purchase computers, software and broadband access, and implement long-term strategic and sustainability planning. As part of the grant, each CDC and small business will provide 25 percent in matching funds.

“As we work to expand broadband connectivity across the Commonwealth, we kept hearing from many small businesses that lacked the necessary technical resources,” said MBI Director Judith Dumont. “Providing broadband access, training and other digital technologies will help our small businesses to grow and provide new economic opportunities throughout Massachusetts.”

Massachusetts Broadband Institute

The Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI) is working to extend affordable high-speed Internet access to all homes, businesses, schools, libraries, medical facilities, government offices and other public places across the Commonwealth.

Governor Patrick and the Legislature created the Massachusetts Broadband Institute, a division of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, when signing the Broadband Act into law in August 2008. The Act gives the MBI the authority to invest up to $40 million of state bond funds in necessary and long-lived infrastructure assets, such as conduits, fiber-optic cable and wireless towers.

The MBI is building the MassBroadband 123 network to expand broadband connectivity to over 120 communities in western and north central Massachusetts. MassBroadband 123 is a critical component of Governor Patrick’s initiative to extend broadband access across the Commonwealth. The network will provide the necessary broadband infrastructure to foster economic growth, improve health care and education, and strengthen public safety.

As the state entity for broadband mapping and availability, the MBI is collecting, verifying and mapping detailed information about the current levels of broadband availability in Massachusetts. This information is vital to leveraging new investments for expanded broadband coverage to the unserved homes and businesses throughout the state.

The MBI is also developing broadband adoption programs for veterans and small businesses. The Massachusetts Veterans’ Portal will connect veterans and their families to the resources they need and make the online access of veterans’ services more streamlined and effective. The MBI is working with the state’s community development corporations to provide technical assistance for small businesses and non-profits interested in integrating broadband use and computer ownership into their organizations to grow and create new jobs.

Massachusetts Technology Collaborative

The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC) is a public economic development agency that fosters a more favorable environment for the formation, retention, and expansion of technology-related enterprises in Massachusetts. Through its major divisions — the John Adams Innovation Institute, the Massachusetts e-Health Institute, and the Massachusetts Broadband Institute — MTC is stimulating economic activity in every corner of the Commonwealth. The agency brings together leaders from industry, government, and academia to advance technology-based solutions that improve the healthcare system, expand high-speed Internet access, and strengthen regional economies.
Broadband grant awarded to Dorchester Bay Broadband grant awarded to Dorchester Bay
Broadband grant awarded to Dorchester Bay Broadband grant awarded to Dorchester Bay

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