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Posted: February 22, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

Dear Cousin MinPin

We have such a great story to tell you.  You are going to want to move  to Upham's Corner immediately where the humans are so nice.  

The other day we were taking Mumsie for a walk and we were on our way back, only a block from the den.  Suddenly Mom stopped even though we were pulling her along really hard.  Seemed she wanted to talk to another human.  yak,yak,yak

We couldn't understand very much but the back of that human's van was open and we thought maybe we could jump in and go for a ride.  We asked if we could.  bark, bark, bark

Mom yelled at us: "Quiet!"

The next thing we knew Mom had a huge box under her arm that smelled really good.  So we started pulling harder and harder to get home faster.  We didn't know it but Mom was struggling and she called a friend over to help her carry the box home.

Dogdom - Milk-Bone brand dog biscuits "In your beds," Mom shouted.  "If you want a treat, in your beds." 

After we got a couple great bones to chew on, Mom told us what happened.  Bark, bark, bark,... Mom is getting really good at speaking Dog.  

Did you see that nice Cape Verdean lady who called me over?  She lives close to Quincy Street. 


She has two chihauhaus and bought 15 # of medium sized Milkbone biscuits for them but they are too big for her dogs.  So she has been carrying them around in her van for months looking for someone to give them to.

rrr . ..uff

She said:  "Every time I see someone with a dog, I'm afraid to go up to them."  But she asked me if I wanted the bones.  Thank goodness, Mom knew she had better say YES.  And now we are in heaven. 

yip, yip, yip . . . lick, lick

Mom asked me: "Sarah, why do you think this nice lady wasn't afraid of you (bark bark bark)?" 

"Maybe it's my tail," I told her. Mom asked Toby the same question:  "Toby, what do you think?"  Toby looked up at her and paused:  "Maybe it's my moon-soft eyes."  Isn't he the sweetest?

Then Mom gave us some hugs and kisses.  Our Mumsie is really nice and so are the bones. 

Thanks, kind lady from Upham's Corner, Dorchester.  What a great place to live!

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