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Dimitrio's House of Pizza Suspended for Good Reason

April 20,2011     Nancy J Conrad

Dimitrio's House of Pizza
1750 Dorchester Ave
Dorchester, MA 02124

Dimitrio's has been in business for many years.  They have seven reviews on Yelp ranging from 1* (terrible delivery service) to 4**** (I love their subs & calzones . . . their sandwiches are great and fast).  Overall rating is 3***.
Little do we know by tasting the food that the restaurant has poor food management practices and standards.
Dimitrios Pizza
ISD inspected Dimitrio's Pizza on April 20, 2011.  The prior inspection was December 22, 2009, a full 16 months back.  ISD says they try to inspect food establishments twice a year and their policy is a once a year inspection.

The April 2011 inspectioin found so many violations on the first visit that the restaurant's permit to operate was immediately suspended - TSOP - temporary suspension of permits. 

It's not like this restaurant has a history of excellent inspections.  They don't.

They failed an inspection on July 27, 2009 for two violations, both non-critical - not providing hand cleaner, drying, tissue and/or signage (all employees must wash their hands) and a broken back area floor.

They failed a scheduled re-inspection on August 10, 2009 but finally passed on August 26, 2009.

Six months later, the restaurant's adherence to health standards had deteriorated significantly.  The December 7, 2009 report provides a picture of disrepair, filth and a mindset of not maintaining a proper food services working environment. 
  • Food placed on the walk-in floor
  • Evidence of smoking in the kitchen
  • The entire kitchen floor needed regrouting
  • The two-bay sink was leaking
  • The men's room floor was filthy and the wall needed repair
  • The grease filters were heavily encrusted
They passed inspection on December 21, 2009.

Dimitrio's failed the April 20, 2011 inspection with 31 violations including several critical citations.  While most fell in the "non-critical" category, when you read the nature of the violations, they sound serious and do not paint a picture of a food establishment worth visiting regardless of how the food tastes.

*** Critical, foodborne illness
  • Separation, Segregation, Cross Contamination - properly store eggs in walkin....provide separation of raw chic and dough...

    Note:  Foods such as eggs and raw meat (which will be cooked) cannot be stored above or close to ready-to-eat due to the possibility of bacterial contamination

  • 2 comp.sink missing rinse detergent sanitizer 
  • No handsink at sandwich prep station....

  • No certified PIC (person in charge) present

    Note:  No food establishment can operate without the presence of a person certified by the Commonwealth
** Critical

**    Violation    35-6-501.111/.115    Insects, Rodents, Animals         provide extermination report due to evidence of mice droppings...seal all outer opening at cellar foundation....provide ipm report.....

* Non-critical
  • Missing food thermometers (how do you know if the food is warm/cold enough?)
  • Using corragated cut boxes to soak fried food
  • Foods being stored on crates instead of proper shelving
  • Food being stored on cellar floor 
  • Hair restraints not being used
  • Barewood shelving not allowed, must be sealed surface
  • Rusty shelving in cellar storage
  • Defective door gaskets in freezer doors
  • Equipment full of grease
  • All shelving, sinks, walkins and reachins need cleaning
  • Grease containers need cleaning
  • Covers needed to keep out mice and vermin
  • Floors not being properly maintained - need to clean under and behind equipment
  • Floor in freezer area is not smooth and easily cleaned
  • Grease buildup in storage room
  • Broken floor/tiles at rear door
  • Clutter in the cellar
  • Soiled corrugated boxes as cover for shelving
In summary, Dimitrio's does not seem to know what it means to be in business as a food establishment.
  1. They are not handling food properly
  2. Their restaurant is filthy, deteriorating and unkempt (mice, grease, rusty shelves etc)
  3. They do not make sure that someone is on site at all times certified by the Commonwealth
The City's restaurant inspection division does not aim to put restaurants out-of-business but rather have them operate in compliance, ensuring their food is safe for public consumption.

Dimitrio's was re-inspected on April 25, 2010 and allowed to re-open though some code violations continued.  A couple days later, they were given the "all clear" and are in good standing with ISD's Health Division.

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