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DAC - Dorchester Arts Collaborative - Open Studios 2010

Posted: Sunday, November 14, 2010
Nancy J. Conrad

The 9th Dorchester Arts Collaborative Open Studios

 weekend took place October 22-23, 2010 with all events spanning from October 17 through October 26. 
  • Friday night - event reception

  • Saturday morning - DotBike tour of Dorchester art

  • Saturday and Sunday afternoons  -  Open Studios

Friday night Hancock 309 Gallery and Consignment provided the perfect space for the DAC reception, a gala event with attendees dressed as brightly as the art surrounding them. 

Plenty of food for snacking and music accompanied the noisy crowd. 

View photos of the reception.
Dorchester Arts Collaborative Open Studios 2010
Dorchester Arts Collaborative Open Studios 2010
Saturday morning starting at 11 am, the Dot Bikers started their ride in Codman Square. 

Fully one-third  of the public art sites (6 out of 19) were located in Upham's Corner.  
  1. Flag mural
  2. Negro Leagues Baseball mural, late 1990's, Boston Mural Crew
  3. A Dragon for Dorchester (Fuku Riu), bronze sculpture 2003,  by Nancy Shon
  4. Clapp Pear, bronze sculpture 2007, Laura Baring-Gould
  5. Copenhagen Fountain, 1915, Albert Henry Atkins
  6. Edward Everett, bronze statue, 1866, William Wetmore Story
View photos of bikers at the Clapp Pear and the newest bronze art dedicated 10/16/10.
Two of the group sites are located in Upham's Corner or very close by - Humphreys Studios and Pearl Street Studios.  Two artists opened their home studios, one of which is in Upham's Corner - Robin Chandler.

To learn more about these artists and studio settings, we encourage you to browse their websites.

Humphreys Street Studios
Pearl Street Studios
Robin Chandler:
Art Online
Vimeo Presentation of Art

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