Crowd Funding for 'Before the Spring' at Seed and Spark

A team of young independent film makers have turned to Seed and Spark for crowd funding. Proposing a fresh, exciting and hopeful film based on the many Arab Springs throughout the world, they are looking to send a message of reconciliation, hope and peace.  'An exciting film that never stops from the opening bell,' says the team.  The film takes protagonist Tamir on an amazing journey where his final choice against all odds sends 'a different message, the right message.'

Before the Spring Crowd Funding
 Aaron Ramzi and Meriam Alrashid had a burning idea - to tell a story of the Arab Spring from a strikingly different but important perspective. They assembled a team and what resulted is a film script that journeys from despair to reconciliation and hope. 

"Before the Spring" is the story of triumph through forgiveness not revenge.  It is the story of ending violence not perpetuating it. 

Screen-writer James Kaelan says it s a universal story and could be just as easily focused on Tiananmen Square in Beijing China, Tahrir Square in Egypt, Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine or even here in the United States. 

"Before the Spring" is an independent film in the making and is worthy of your support.

Crowd Funding

"Before the Spring" is close to ending its 30 days of crowd funding (ends 6/7/14) through the film site: Seed and Spark.

For the film project to receive funding, Seed and Spark requires a minimum 80% of goal.  As of 6/3/14 the project is at the 71% mark.

(Note: all money is returned if the 80% goal isn’t reached).

We are asking BOSTON to help push this worthy project on to meet its 80% / 100% goal.

Wide support (breadth) is as important as deep support (funding).  Every little donation counts and speaks up for the worthiness of the project.  Can you afford a $10 contribution which is the minimum?  The team would greatly appreciate that.

Crowd Funding ENDS SOON.  So contribute SOON.  6/7/14

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Before the Spring Crowd Funding

From Aaron Ramzi, Actor and Producer:  "Before the spring" is a love letter to my family and an opportunity for me to give something back.  I'm very fortunate and a lot of us are. I think we owe something.

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The TEAM Talks about their Arab Spring

Aaron Ramzi, Actor & Producer "We looked at all the civil unrest going on around the world.  We had a story to tell, one that honors the strength and courage of the people who stand up for their rights - who stand up for a better life for themselves and their families. That intense desire and personal reflection was the birth of "Before the Spring."
Steve Barnett, Producer The story is about a young man named Tamir, born in Egypt but educated in the United States.  He returns to his homeland, recently married, and falls into the Tahrir Square movement. That is where and how is story unfolds.
James Kaelan, Screenwriter Two successive tragedies up-end all that Tamir has known about his life.  He is arrested, wrongfully accused by a corrupt police force and tortured.  Everything he has ever known is taken away from him.
Steve Barnett, Producer
Through his struggle, Tamir becomes part of the movement and part of the change. At the end of the film, Tamir confronts the people responsible for the destruction of two of the most important things in his life. 

What would you do under these circumstances?  How would you react to those who had inflicted such pain in your life?  For Tamir, at the moment where he, too, could have chosen to continue a cycle of violence, seeking and taking revenge, he chooses mercy, and he forgives.  
Abdallah Omeish, Director I think the world is ready for a different message. Instead of constant violence, I think we need a message of hope. Violence begets more violence. Mercy offers another alternative and stops the violence.
Meriam Alrashid, Producer The microcosmic story of Tamir and his loved one, what they went through for the broader change - this story is reflective of what so many other people and their families have experienced.  It is refreshing, hopeful and moving to experience Tamir's journey.
James Kaelan, Screenwriter
The film is definitely an action drama, a thriller. From the opening bell, the action doesn't stop moving forward. It is a film worth making.

Team Photos

Before the Spring Crowd Funding Before the Spring Crowd Funding

Before the Spring Crowd Funding

Before the Spring Crowd Funding Before the Spring Crowd Funding

Project Trailer Photos

Before the Spring Crowd Funding Before the Spring Crowd Funding

Before the Spring Crowd Funding Before the Spring Crowd Funding

Seed and Spark

(from their website)

We’re different than our competitors in a couple of key ways. First, we’re a selective platform. This means that rather than offering our crowd funding tools to everyone—regardless of the merit of their ideas or their strategy for attracting support for those ideas—we review every film project case by case. If you’ve put a lot of thought into your project, and a bunch of time and energy into planning your campaign, there’s a really good chance that we’ll invite you to launch your project on Seed&Spark. If we don’t think you’re prepared enough, we’ll give you some pointers on how you can get ready.

The other thing that separates Seed&Spark from every other crowd funding platform on the market is that we offer, through our CINEMA, a streaming video distribution platform for projects that fund raise on our site as well as films submitted (and accepted) directly from filmmakers.

*** Full disclosure - James Kaelan is Nancy Conrad's nephew.

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Posted: June 3, 2014    Nancy J Conrad