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Confessions of a Died-in-the-Wool Flu Shot Avoider

Confessions of a Died in the Wool Flu Shot Avoider

Ten days into the almost overwhelming marathon of coughing, phlegm, sneezing, sore throat, swollen tonsils, days of laryngitis, chills and weakness (though, thank goodness, no fever) . . . "How could I have passed up the brief pain of a flu shot?"

Too busy?  I never get sick!  I'm healthy ...

Whatever the excuse, it may not be worth clinging to a tenuous lifeline.  Plenty of locations are "begging you" to come in - pharmacies and health centers - all of them stocked with untainted, high quality anti-viral doses of what the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) says are the likely culprits this flu season.

Flu Clinics at the Uphams Corner Health Center

Roksana Pirog from the Uphams Corner Health Center says:

Go ... Get ... Your ... Flu shot.  Boston Medical Center is already reporting flu hospitalizations, and in the elderly population.  The health center has a few more flu clinics going on before the end of the year.”

Get your flu shot now before you get the flu since they don't help people once they've been infected.

Get your Flushot
Posted: November 24, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

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