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Community Welcomes Students to the Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School

The Community welcomes students to the new Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School

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On Wed, September 5, 2012, the Dudley community will welcome 132 children to the Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School in Roxbury. The pre-kindergarten through first grade students are the inaugural class of a new school developed as a partnership among Boston Plan for Excellence (BPE), Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI), and the Boston Public Schools (BPS).

The Dudley Street School was created in response to community demand for a quality school in the neighborhood and aims to put every student on a path to college, careers, and responsible citizenship.

Dudley Street Nbhd School Partners

Principal Christine Landry says, "We know that to reach our goal of getting every child to proficiency in reading and math by third grade, we need to do things differently. We’ve used our flexibility as a Horace Mann charter to design a school from scratch that ensures each of our children gets the instruction she needs when she needs it."

Faculty to Work in Teams

Rather than assign 25 students to each teacher as a traditional school does, the Dudley Street School faculty will work in teams, using frequent assessments of student learning to group students fluidly and to tailor instruction to each student’s needs. All teachers are dual- or triple-certified in teaching English as a Second Language and special education, ensuring the school can effectively serve a diverse group of students through this innovative model.

Students will have an expanded day, with access to enrichment activities and social supports provided by local partners. The Dudley Street School will also serve as BPE’s first "teaching academy," in which new teachers are prepared through the nationally recognized Boston Teacher Residency program and experienced teachers have unique opportunities to learn together.

Chris Jones, DSNI Board Vice President and member of the Dudley Street School’s Board of Trustees remarked, "The Dudley Street School is part of a truly powerful partnership. The community has committed to these young people, and we’re excited to support them as they learn and grow."

Opening Day a Celebration

Staff, families, and community members will gather to celebrate the school’s opening at 6 Shirley Street, beginning at 8am on Wednesday, September 5th. College students and graduates from the Dudley community will welcome the children into their new school. Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester and BPS Superintendent Carol Johnson will attend the ceremony as well.

Dr. Johnson shared, "This school is the fruit of a big vision and hard work. Mayor Menino and I advocated to include in-district charter schools in the state’s 2010 education reform law, and now we are seeing what this type of flexibility can mean for our children. I am very hopeful about the direction this school is taking and am proud to welcome the Dudley Street School into the Boston Public Schools."
Learn more at: www.dudleystreetschool.org.

Contact Information

BPE Communications Consultant Katie Bayerl: 617.872.6845, kbayerl@bpe.org
DSNI Deputy Director Ros Everdell: 617.442.9670 x150, reverdell@dsni.org

Posted: September 4, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

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