Community-Minded Food Production Projects for the Dudley Greenhouse

The Dudley Greenhouse Advisory Committee is actively seeking proposals for use of the greenhouse that promotes food production and sharing cultures and resources.  These can include proposals for workshops, sharing events and fun times as well, especially as it engages everyone in the community.  Examples included of projects from prior years.

Dudley GreenhouseSince its opening in 2011 as a community green space,  the Dudley Greenhouse has been serving and sharing space with the community by providing opportunities for food production as well as workshops, activities, and other programming in support of residents growing food and sharing cultures and resources.

In a strong commitment to continue this, the Dudley Greenhouse Advisory Committee is now actively seeking proposals for the 2014 year.   YOU (your group or yourself) are invited to submit a proposal for a community-minded food production project for 2014.

Examples of Projects from Prior Years

More About the Dudley Greenhouse
The greenhouse operates year-round as a food production and educational space. In half of the space, The Food Project produces tomatoes, greens, and herbs that are sold to local restaurants to generate revenue for greenhouse operations.

The remaining area - the "community bay" - is a place for community educational programming through the "Grow Well, Eat Well, Be Well" workshop series and for community groups and individuals to work on various food production projects.


Submitted by Danielle Andrews and the Dudley Greenhouse Advisory Committee

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Posted: July 9, 2014    Nancy J Conrad