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City School - Youth Profile

Posted: April 11, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

Who are the City School Youth?

 The young people who turn to The City School reflect the rich diversity of Boston and the surrounding suburbs.  City School Youth Profile
  • Over 85% of their teens are young people of color
  • 79% are Boston residents
  • 84% attend public high schools
City School proudly accepts students from many different nationalities, “races” and ethnicities. Students come from all over Boston, from suburban towns and from other states. Students are male, female and transgender. They identify as heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual and questioning.

Because the City School attitude is loving, supportive and accepting, students enter the building knowing they can "be themselves" or at least learn to do that over time.

We get our young people from all different places.  The reason for coming here varies. 

We have one young woman who was at the Chinese Progressive Association.  She's Chinese.  She came to us because she did not want to be in all Chinese programming with other Chinese students.  She wanted a mix of black and Latino, White from the suburbs, White from down the street.  She wanted that mix.  She came to us that way.
Youth usually roll in around 3:30 PM.  We have homework time from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM.  They start programming at 4:30 PM and it goes till 6:30 PM which includes dinner.  They usually stick around, whether it's doing additional work on a project, hanging out with their friends or just relaxing.

There are young people who are getting paid to do coalition work, to do organizing and to take care of the afterschool program we have on Wednesdays.  If it's work-based activity, like the skill building, they are paid.  If they are just hanging out, then no.

Wednesday is the day the big group comes together. 

Because there are three different strands happening here, some of them are off-site.  On Wednesday that changes,  Wednesday is their big day together, to share and reacquaint.  They do announcements and they get a chance to engage in the community building part of our program. 

That is also when they get a chance to share opportunities from other organizations.

More informaiton?  View The City School website

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