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Chinese Culture and Performing Arts Show
Nov 20, 2010 at the Strand, Boston

Posted: November 20, 2010
Nancy J Conrad

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The Chinese Culture and Performing Arts Show took place at the Strand Theatre, November 20, 2010 at 4pm. 

The show was produced by Chu Ling and John Dilazzaro and hosted by Mayor Menino's Special Event Office.

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The Chu Ling Dance Academy provided six of the sixteen performances with very young dancers 5-7 and 7-11 years, teenage dancers and adult dance groups. 

The remaining ten performances were piano and voice solos, martial arts, drum and dulcimer groups and local dance groups - all of them from the greater Chinese community of Boston.

Chinese Culture and

Performing Arts Show Chinese Culture and

Performing Arts Show
Chu Ling* started out in China as a choreographer.  After coming to the United Stated, she founded the Chu Ling Academy in Boston and serves as its director and one of its instructors.  She has also taught and performed at many other institutuions in the greater Boston area, including Wellesley College, Boston University and Harvard University.

Founded in 1998, the Chu Ling Dance Academy moved into a permanent Boston studio in the fall of 2001. 
  • Chu Ling teaches many of the classes. 
  • Other faculty include professional Chinese and American dancers and instructors. 
The Academy specializes in traditional Chinese dance including folk, classical and minority dances.  The curriculum also includes training in ballet technique. 

Students are mostly from Chinese families or are adopted Chinese children.  The Academy offers classes for all age levels, preschool through adult.  Alll nationalities are welcome.

Chu Ling Dance Academy website

Chu Ling, Choreographer
Academy's primary goals

The Chu Ling Academy is focused on Asian children here in the Boston area and through them on an outreach to the American public. A deepening of cross-cultural understanding is a high priority with Chu Ling.  Chinese Dance, done well, provides an insight into cultures so vastly different from the American norm.  The art of dance is multi-purposed in its goal of teaching and reaching out.
  1. Helping Asian children gain an appreciation for traditional Chinese art and culture
  2. Exposing the American public to Chinese culture through dance and forging closer cross-cultural ties
Traditional Chinese dance is predominantly divided into two groups: Classical Dance and Folk Dance.

Over 2000 years ago, classical dance was often performed for the Emperor's enjoyment and to display the skill of the artists. Chinese classical dance is
  • Founded on performances in the Imperial Palace and in the Chinese opera and
  • From the military arts - wushu, tai chi and kung fu
Chinese folk dances originate from various villages in China's many provinces.  These square dances are commonly performed by farmers in times of celebration including New Years, during the Harvest and the Moon Festival. 

A total of 56 different ethnicities call China their home and each of these groups has its own style of folk dance.  Each style is unique, characterized by its own costumes and dance movements, and influenced by each ethnicity's language, lifestyle and culture.

**Please note:  Credit to the Chu Ling website for much of the information on this page.

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