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Cataloni's Bar on Hancock St

Posted: Tuesday October 12, 2010
Nancy J Conrad

Cataloni bar damaged on September 6, 2010 - A car damaged the front of the building at 10 Hancock St., still showing the name "Cataloni's".  Officer Jackson of area B2 was parked in front of the building (6:30am) and had been protecting it since the early morning hours when the accident occurred (around 2am).  Apparently, a car had careened into the building leaving a hole large enough to crawl through.  The police believe the driver had fallen asleep.

See photos below.  Click to enlarge.  Note:  All photos except last from 9/6/10
 Cataloni's Bar 9/6/10
9/6/10 Officer Jackson of Area B2 keeping watch
over building damaged in the wee morning hours.
Cataloni's Bar 9/6/10
Yellow caution tape used to
restrict access to the damaged area..
Cataloni's Bar 9/6/10
Closeup showing the extent of the damage.

Cataloni's Bar 9/6/10
Damaged area boarded up later in the day.
Cataloni's Bar 10/12/10
Some repair work has started. Photo 10/12/10
Cataloni's (officially 8-12 Hancock St) started having problems in mid-2009.  On June 9 and June 24 of 2009 Boston Police made drug-related arrests.  Then on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, 11/29/09, Boston police arrested a woman inside the bar on charges she was selling cocaine.  They also arrested others in the bar who supposedly had purchased cocaine from her.

That was enough for the Boston Licensing Board to schedule a review. In a hearing on January 26, 2010, the licensing board stated it would seek the closure of Cataloni's Bar. Three days later, January 29, 2010, the owners of Cataloni's (A&R Enterprises) stated they would appeal the shutdown to the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission - an appeal to have the Boston Licensing Board's decision overruled.  

On March 30, 2010, the Boston Licensing Board issued a Statement of Reason asking A&R Enterprises to voluntarily turn in their license (not the same as revocation).  Subsequently, A&R filed an appeal with the state board on April 5, 2010 and a hearing was scheduled for May 26, 2010.  A&R later submitted a letter requesting a continuance of the hearing in order to pursue working out an agreement with the local board (Boston).  

On 9/6/10 a car crashed into the Cataloni building and damaged it.

On 9/15/10, approximately one week later, A&R Enterprises sent a letter to the licensing board stating they were actively seeking a buyer for their liquor license.
So what does this mean to Upham's Corner? We can be pretty much assured that Cataloni's, in its prior incarnation, is long-gone.  Still, 10 Hancock Street is now an empty building and an eyesore for the community.
  • According to City of Boston Assessing records, the current owner of 8-12 Hancock St is Anthony Cataloni who lists 8 Hancock St as his residence.  
  • Property taxes are up-to-date, the last payment being made on 7/6/2010.
  • A&R Enterprises, Inc is the owner of the liquor license
  • A&R Enterprises, Inc is registered with the Secy of State, Corporations.  
  • View A&R Enterprises corporation information
  • The "registered agent" is Ernest Cataloni of 8-12 Hancock St
  • According to the corporate records Anthony Cataloni is the only person associated with A&R Enterprises, Inc, holding all positions - Pres, Secy, Trea and Directory.  Addresss: 10 Linda Lane, Dorchester, MA  02125
Is the sale of the liquor license contingent on the sale of the bar as well?

Upham's Corner would certainly benefit from this property being in better condition - or better still - open for business with reputable and capable management.
11/28/09 June - November 2009 - three arrests involving the sale of cocaine on the premises
1/26/10 Boston Licensing Board (BLB) seeks closure of Cataloni's
1/29/10 Owners of Cataloni's (A&R Enterprises) say they will appeal to the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission  (ABCC)
3/30/10 BLB requests A&R Enterprises to turn in their license 
4/5/10 A&R files  appeal with ABCC. A hearing was scheduled for May 26, 2010.      
A&R asks for continuance to work out agreement with local board (Boston).
9/06/10  Cataloni’s damaged by sleeping driver.
9/15/10 A&R tells BLB they are actively seeking a buyer for their license.

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