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Casey Overpass - Calling on Mayor Walsh for New Analysis

Letter to the Editor by Larry Fabian - an appeal to the new Mayor Walsh administration. 

Construction is imminent for starting on a controversial MassDOT at-grade plan for the Casey Overpass which even Mayor Walsh, while a State Rep, had called for a moratorium about.  A city-coalition has formed to  defeat "MassDOT's naive at-grade scheme that looked so good to elitist groups."  Mr. Fabian is appealing to Mayor Walsh to conduct an honest analysis of the Casey Overpass issue before it is too late.

Dorchester and Roxbury residents appreciate our fine neighbors in Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, Hyde Park and West Roxbury.  We need to travel there for business and pleasure.  Some people use transit; the brave new ones, may actually bicycle.  But sometimes we need to drive -like for medical reasons or shopping trips with kids, or even Easter dinner with Aunt Beatrice.

 Casey Overpass

Historically Boston grew to the Southwest, as Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville chose separate paths. As a result, Forest Hill is became and still remains the geographic center of the City - certainly more so than Mayor Walsh's new office a bit down from his prior office on Beacon Hill. As the geographic center, a lot of traffic goes to and through Forest Hill.  Our time is valuable; sitting through long lines of stop and go traffic is not first choice.

A City-wide coalition has come together to defeat MassDOT's naive at-grade scheme that looked so good to elitist groups downtown, Brookline, Cambridge and beyond. A "shared" bridge can be functional and beautiful and keep traffic out of the Forest Hill station area, which then can truly be made pedestrian, bike, taxi and bus friendly.

RIGHT NOW we need a new (replacement) Casey bridge to connect Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan to Forest Hill, and beyond. This will keep traffic off Forest Hills streets and allow a beautiful new Emerald Necklace connection.  A new bridge will keep Forest Hills livable.  Many people look forward to walking with you on a new bridge in Forest Hills in Term-One.


We call upon Mayor Walsh to conduct an honest analysis of the Casey Overpass issue that affects us all.
  • He understands the flaws in MassDOT's plan to eliminate the Casey Overpass.
  • He was the first candidate to ask for a moratorium on the impending at-grade scheme.
  • The residents of Boston deserve a fair evaluation of potentially superior solutions with a new bridge. 
  • This is URGENT business: MassDOT is to advertise for constructors next month.
  • MassDOT is planning to close the overpass for good this spring!

Please, Mayor Walsh, take charge early in your first term.  Do what is right for the residents of all of Boston.

Larry Fabian, Dorchester
Contact Larry:  lfabian21@gmail.com

Posted: Jan 26, 2014     Nancy J Conrad

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