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  Cars Blocking MBTA Bus Stops - Does Anybody Care?

Posted: July 16, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

On Friday, July 13, 2012, an issue #449575 was submitted to the City of Boston that 3 cars were parked in an MBTA bus stop on Hancock St (stop closest to Whittemore outbound).  At 11am, the two cars shown in the photo were parked there.  At 7pm another car was parked behind these two, the three cars fully blocking the bus stop to the corner.

On Monday, the City of Boston closed the case for reason:  "No cars parked there."Cars blocking MBTA bus stop

According to Kathleen Rogers, Parking Enforcement Supervisor, although the issue was opened on a Friday, the first opportunity the Transportation Dept had to send someone to investigate was Monday morning.  No cars were found.

At a recent MBTA community meeting at the Kroc Center, MBTA representatives stated that drivers in Cambridge are encouraged to report cars parked in bus stops.  But according to Ms. Rogers, "The MBTA does NOT report to Boston authorities when there is a car parked in the bus stop."

How about the police officers who drive down Hancock St all day long?  "They can tag if they want."  Otherwise cars are aloud to sit in the bus stop all day?  "Police can tag cars any time they want -  24 hours a day."

But they didn't.  Dorchester, in particular Uphams Corner, "feels" neglected.  If this were the Back Bay, who would put up with this behavior?  Not the police, not the bus drivers.

Call the Meter Maid Direct

"Ms. Rogers, how do we get the officials in the City of Boston to pay attention to violations of the law in Dorchester?"  She said her department followed up on the case promptly as soon as they got it.  "When we got the complaint, we sent somebody by there  to check it out and there were no vehicles in the bus stop.  That is all we can do."

Not even mentioning that photos of the license plates were included with the issue seemed to make a difference but she did have a suggestion that, in her opinion, is our best bet.  "If you ride by and see them, you can call us, the Meter Maids, 617-635-2057. We can send someone as soon as possible to try to take care of the situation."

Don't call 911 because parking violations are NOT a high priority for the police.  Parking violations are a higher priority for the Meter Maids than for the Police.  "Don't hesitate to call because we are here almost 24x7.  We don't work Saturday night and we don't work Sunday."

But Ms. Roger's best comment was this.  "There's only one girl in Dorchester but we can call and have her go by and check."

Dorchester neglected?  Never!!

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