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Caroline Muir - Fort Point Arts Community Resident and Artist

Caroline Muir ArtistMeet Caroline Muir, artist and resident of the Fort Point Arts Community.  She will be displaying her artwork in the 2012 Fall Fort Point Open Studios (and future Open Studios).  

Why is she being featured in Uphams Corner News? The answer is three-fold.  She is an excellent artist, she will be participating in the Fort Point 2012 Open Studios.  Above all else, it is because Ms. Muir has two homes and one of them is in Uphams Corner.  As an active member and gardener in the Viriginia Monadnock Community Garden, Uphams Corner calls her neighbor and friend.

Caroline Muir Gardener
What does it take to become an artist?

For Caroline, becoming an artist started with scribbling at the earliest ages.  As a young child, she was  fascinated with the "magic" of making marks.

She remembers thinking about the process:  "I could rationalize, even at that early stage, that tiny parts of the pencil were rubbing off onto the paper, leaving something of the pencil lead behind ..." but when the marks "began to resemble things in the outside world. Wow! Wonderful!"

It also takes dedication, she says, effort and application, not just talent, a condition that Ms. Muir humbly denies.  "I wish I were talented!"

To the little child you ask:  "What's your favorite color?" But for the artist whose pallette comes alive with a range of colors daily, playing favorites is risky.  "The colors might gang up on me and cease to cooperate."  So runs her active imagination.  Anthropomorphizing?  Maybe, but any good artist protective of her skills and intent on expressing herself through her art?  Nobody would want to take that risk!

Photos from Caroline's online Image Gallery http://www.home.earthlink.net/~cmfineart/index.html

Caroline Muir Artist Caroline Muir Artist

"My Favorite Artists"

Michelangelo's dynamic compositions -- though he regarded himself as more of a sculptor than a painter -- impress me more greatly than Raphael's softer, more sentimental (to my eye) work.
Goya Goya is wonderful. I love the work of Picasso, Matisse, Gentlieschi, Klimt, Kline, Marc, Macke, Pollack...
I don't particularly love Chagall; though I once found a certain dull appeal in Andrew Wyeth, I quickly outgrew that interest.
Manet & Monet
Manet and Monet are both greats, in my view. I have little time for Renoir; though he has some wonderful paintings to his name, there are also a number of perfectly hideous -- I'm confident that wasn't his intent -- Renoir paintings about.

Be sure to check out the Fort Point Open Studios in 2012.  Become a friend of FPAC, the Fort Point Arts Community.

Posted: October 18, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

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