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Cafe Four Corners - August 19, 2011

Posted: August 19, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

Cafe Four CornersBuilding on the popularity of their recent summer event "Dining on Main Street,"  Four Corners Main Street joined with the Four Corners Action Coalition and the Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation to create the "Cafe Four Corners" Restaurant and invited the neighborhood to dine.

Held at Levi's Restaurant on Friday night August 19, 2011, "Cafe Four Corners" offered food catered by local eateries:
  • Down-Home Delivery,
  • Levi's Restaurant,
  • Island Style Jamaican Restaurant,
  • Nice and Clean Jamaican Cuisine and
  • Four Corners Pizza Cafe.
For only $10 you had your choice of four items from the menu.

View Cafe Four Corners menu.

The event was filled to capacity and people were still coming in close to closing time including Councilor Charles Yancey.  Entertainment included a jazz keyboardist and poetry readings by Jessica Pomare "Truth" and Mela Cardosa Bush.
After the Storm

I no longer take anything for granted. 
I don't say:  Why didn't those people in Kansas move away?
Don't they realize they're in danger every day? 
Are they crazy?  They live in tornado alley. 
This ain't no vacation - always wondering why
Their houses keep getting blown off the foundation. 

Every day now I say: There but for the grace of God go I. 
I believe that God is real. 
He's not that man upstairs who lives in the sky. 
I believe he created wind to soothe us
To cool us on a hot day, as a light breeze
Wind to clear away pollen that makes us sneeze or wheeze
The same wind that came ferociously blowing down trees
The winds sent to wake up people like you and like me. 

Someone said: There are no atheists in a fox hole. 
And after the storms in my state of Massachusetts
I would add: Nor in a tornado. 
When all your stuff is blown off the map
Is there any point in looking back? 
Friends now helping friends, neighbor helping neighbor
To search through the rubble of our material lives
Praying a live soul would materialize
In those heaps of stuff we once held more dear
Than the people next door who were so near. 

Neighbors once nameless are now named and important. 
Did it take such a disaster to rip off our doors and tear down our walls
To make us know we need to give each other a call
To live love unconditionally, to do this daily?
Did it have to take such a tragedy? 

Can we live thanking God for his mercy? 
We who survived and have this ministry. 
Let's live every minute like it's our last opportunity
To teach someone how to live life in victory. 
Material things can't be gods to us
As we see they are gone soooo quickly. 

I asked my son a simple question
And he answered so profoundly. 
Son, if you had to run and you had time
To grab only one thing - just one,
What would you do?
His answer brought tears to my eyes. 
He said:  You, Mummy, I would only grab you.

Cafe Four Corners Cafe Four Corners
Cafe Four Corners Cafe Four Corners Cafe Four Corners
Cafe Four Corners Cafe Four Corners
Cafe Four Corners Cafe Four Corners
Cafe Four Corners Cafe Four Corners
Cafe Four Corners Cafe Four Corners
Cafe Four Corners Cafe Four Corners

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