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Businessman Camilo Pichardo Loves Uphams Corner


Businessman Camilo Pichardo has much to say about the Uphams Corner neighborhood and the people he interfaces with regularly and all of it very positive.  "Listen" to his speech at the Uphams Corner Main Street Annual Meeting, find out more about his business (YELP) and learn more about him - his principles, his attitude, his family and why he cares so much about Uphams Corner.

Uphams Corner Main Street Annual Meeting

The Uphams Corner Main Street annual meeting, held October 23, 2012, was well attended and full of pleasant Camilo Pichardosurprises.  One of them was a speech given by businessman Camilo Pichardo whose countenance carries a smile at all times.  He spoke with a heavy Domincan accent, often having to repeat his words or rephrase his sentences.  Though he had a prepared an outline for his speech, he said later on that he spoke from “his heart.”

Camilo has been working in Uphams Corner for at least 15 years and, he says, it has never been better.  He began his speech with praise; he ended it with praise and gratitude.  He carried himself throughout with humility. 

Dedicated to his extended family here in the United States, he states with confidence how much he cares about his community and how much he wants to see Uphams Corner improve.  And wanting to “put rubber to his road here in Uphams Corner,” he has stepped forward and will be serving on the Uphams Corner Main Street Board of Directors, sharing his ideas and his energy. 

Two people in particular were the focus of his words of praise, but we’ll let him tell you who they are when he gives his speech (below).  If you detect a dialectical sound to his speech, you are right.  Imagine a native Spanish speaker who serves his clients well (many are also Spanish speaking) and who seeks to improve his English language capabilities.

Camilo Pichardo Addresses Uphams Corner Main Street Annual Meeting

Good morning everyone. My name is Camilo Pichardo.

Before I give my speech, I want to thank the person that is the reason I am here and someone that I really feel very proud of, a very important part in my life and my family. I feel proud and I never have known somebody or some person like her.  It is Miss Linda [Webster]. 

In this community, she has done many good things. I was telling you my name was Camilo Pichardo and I am the owner of Discount Shoes Store, 773 Dudley Street.  I have been there around five years . But before that, I worked at Style for around seven years which is now where Foot Locker is located. So I've been in this neighborhood for a long time. I love this neighborhood.

Now since Max [MacCarthy], I am one of the incoming board members of the Uphams Corner Main Street. I have recently been working with him. I want to talk a little bit about why I want to join the board.

Like Gregory at Paraiso, Max has been a consistent help, assisting me with little things, from getting my business name more available on the Internet to helping me with infrastructural concerns on Dudley Street, to getting my business more involved in local events. He is great in that sense.

What I can say about Max is he cares about everyone. He is helping everyone. He listens to everyone. He has time for everyone. He is unstoppable. (the room burst out in joyful laughter) He worries about everyone around here.

He also helped me to apply for the LaunchPad program which is an Internet program offered by Dorchester Bay and Uphams Corner Main Street to help my business get an even larger presence online.  Approximately 30 businesses have applied and we will hear about the results in a couple weeks. That will help bring new customers to our area.

Upwards Corner Main Street has also been working on designing a kiosk to promote local activity and local businesses like mine. They went through a design process, asking businesses what they think.  Max asked me to give feedback, which I did. I think it is going to be very good for everyone.

Why did I join this board? Through multiple interactions, I know that Max and Uphams Corner Main Street care about the local businesses around here. They are coming up with a lot of great ideas to help us. I want to be part of this. He has shown how I can provide my feedback to drive the world of Uphams Corner Main Street and best help business. I want to see this neighborhood improve.

I have been in this neighborhood for a long time and I think I can help improve things. I hope through my efforts with Uphams Corner Main Street I can help my own business grow.  

Interview with Camilo Pichardo, October 25, 2012

Camilo I was born in the Dominican Republic and came to United States around 1995.  I came here because my wife's family was already here and we wanted all wanted to be together. I really like the idea of being together with the whole family here in United States. 
UC News How did you earn money when you first came to the United States?
Camilo On the second day that I was here in United States, I walked around the corner and was offered a job. It was a retail clothing store. Yes, I am good with customers and I enjoy working in a retail environment.
UC News How did you know that you would like retail?
Camilo I knew I would like being in the retail environment because in the Dominican Republic, I used to work for the casino and I was also a long-distance call operator for five years. I like working with people.

I'm very glad that I came here. Because being with my family, things go better. I'm very happy with my family. I have three kids, Stephen who is 17 years old and goes to Boston Latin Academy, Stephany who is 14 years old an also goes to Latin Academy.  My youngest (11) is Madeline Camila.  She goes to the McCormick School in South Boston.  She is going to take the test for the exam schools. Hopefully all three of my kids will be together.
UC News Have your experiences with Uphams Corner Main Street changed with the new Executive Director, Max MacCarthy?
Camilo In the 16 years or more that I've been working around here in Uphams Corner, the only time Main Street ever came here was to ask for money, for donations, $20 or $25.  With Max it is different.
UC News   Why?  Is he giving YOU money?
No. Ha ha Ha. No, not really.
UC News
I just want to make you, make us both, laugh. Ha ha Ha
He is so good with the community and all the businesses. He is bringing us really things that are going to make our business grow, like getting us to the Internet, Facebook, yelp , twitter and other such programs.  I do not have a computer online in my store. I have it in my house.

With all the programs that Max is offering us, nobody ever did that before, during the 16 years I've been here. So he is doing things that nobody's done before. He’s a really nice guy.
UC News
I walked past here and I see you, sweeping in front of your store. Do you know how good that makes me feel? “Oh my God, a business is cleaning in front of their store.”
I do it every day. I try to every day clean the front of the store. That’s so the guy who passes by every day from the city, he doesn't have to clean everything. I try to help him. That way I'm saving time for him. And I'm helping them in some way.

I have a request:  Over here we need to have a couple more trash cans. It is not right that people are throwing the trash on the sidewalk. But I always try to help. I like to keep things clean.
UC News
Tell me more about Miss Linda [Webster].
Camilo: Linda is incredible. Linda is part of my heart. I have never seen somebody like her in my life. Of course I like my wife better because she's part of my family.

But Ms. Linda is different from everybody that I knew before. When I go to church, I pray for her. I pray for her family. I pray for everybody. She has treated me like nobody else has. It's not just the way she treats me and the way she treats everybody. She worries about the community. She worries about everybody.

She wants the community to grow. She wants everything to look clean and nice. She wants to improve the community. She wants the community to look different. She wants more people to come around here to Uphams Corner. She wants everybody in this community to feel better. I can see in her face that she has a nice heart.

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Posted: November 3, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

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