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Getting Serious about the Business Welcome Wagon

Posted: Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Business Welcome Wagon comes from pleasant childhood memories.

Our family moved to a new town and a new home. Not long after that the Welcome Wagon arrived. Of course it wasn't a real wagon. A Welcome Wagon Hostess visited us with a gift basket containing samples and offers from local businesses.

Their visit seems to have left a permanent, positive impression.
A business willing to stake its future on a location and customers in Upham's Corner is first and foremost focused on gearing up the building, hiring employees and preparing for opening day. The business is unlikely to be thinking: "I've just joined a business roundtable and can't wait for my first meeting with Main Streets."

In fact the business may know very little about the community and will never know anything about the organizations that help foster business and economic growth unless we tell them who we are and how they can benefit.
A New Business Welcome Guide provides benefits for both the business and the community.
  • An enthusiastic welcome leaves a lasting impression
  • The Welcome Guide serves as an introduction to Upham's Corner
  • We can gather business contact information for Main Streets
  • We can encourage active participation
Most new businesses, especially retail, relish the opportunity to talk about who they are and hopefully get some press in the process. Interviews are easy to get.

Standard Interview
[Conduct interview, take photos, write the article and publish]

Welcoming Interview
[Offer official welcome to Upham's Corner]
[Present Upham's Corner New Business Welcome Guide, review with business and gather contact information]
[Conduct interview, take photos, write the article and publish]
[Follow up phone call - Main Streets]
We like the idea of placing the UC News interview within the context of an Upham's Corner Business Community. After all, no business is "an island unto itself." Yes, the business exists to make a profit, but it also exists within the context of community, and there are responsibilities associated with that.
"Welcome to Upham's Corner. You are now a member of our business community. By participating in our community, you [your business] will benefit."

Welcome Aboard!

For more information on the Welcome Wagon, its history and the Thomas W. Briggs Foundation, visit the Thomas Briggs Foundation.

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