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Burned Out DPW Trash Barrels

Posted: April 12, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

This Spring we encountered not one, but two burned out trash barrels on Columbia Rd in Upham's Corner. 
  1. The first was located in front of 622 Columbia Rd, the entrance to an apartment building.
  1. The second was just up the street at the bus stop - Holden and Columbia Rd
When a Department of Public Works truck drove by and stopped, we asked them about what had happened: why, how often, who,what - as if burning trash barrels were an important occurrence.  As interesting as it might have seemed (imagining the size of the fire), it is apparently nothing more than another day in the life of DPW.

Yes, the driver said, people burn the plastic trash barrels, not just here in Upham's Corner but in other parts of the city.  Gasoline?  Do they walk around with a flammable fluid? 

No, a match will do if there is enough trash in the barrel.  Trash on fire will melt the barrel.

And what is the solution?  Replace the barrels, of course.

Burned out DPW Trash Barrels Burned out DPW Trash Barrels Burned out DPW Trash Barrels
Burned out DPW Trash Barrels Burned out DPW Trash Barrels Burned out DPW Trash Barrels

One evening towards midnight this author (and her dogs) heard the sound of objects crashing to the ground just ahead and around the corner onto Columbia Rd close to Dudley street.  What we saw was both surprising and frightening. 

What looked like a really angry male was pulling the plastic trash can out of its metal holder and throwing it to the ground with great force, scattering the trash everywhere. He then proceeded to the next trash receptacle and did the same thing.

Needless to say, we got out of his way pronto.

Henry Nevarez owns Nevarez Clothing Gear on Dudley Street.  He has had a trash barrel in front of his business for several years in an attempt to keep the sidewalk clear and clean.  Recently, someone removed it from its mooring and walked off with it.

Same is true for some residents who put out the trash and forget to bring in the barrels quickly enough.  The best disappear.

Black market for trash barrels?

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