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Boston Water & Sewer:  Make a Difference in your Neighborhood

Boston Water & Sewer (BWSC) says:  "You can Make  a Difference in Your Neighborhood"

Boston Water & Sewer supports the City of Boston's "Autumn Clean-up" from October 15 to November 30, 2012.  While the focus of their message concentrates on the impact that fallen leaves have on the drainage system,  BWSC also says we can make a difference by getting together with our neighbors to clean up our "micro" areas (neighborhoods). 

What they don't say is this: 

Wouldn't it be nice if each tiny neighborhood (and there are literally thousands) would clean up in partnership with the City.  After all, the City promises to pick up the leaves if we manage to get them into appropriately labelled barrels and paper bags.

Last day (depending on your regularly scheduled trash day) is Friday Nov 30.

BWSC - Fall Cleanup
BWSC - Fall Cleanup
Posted: November 15, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

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