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Boston Parks and Recreation - Boston Globe GRANT Program and YOU

Parks and Recreation Commissioner Andrea Pollack is appealing to the residents of the City of Boston to provide support to Parks and Recreation as part of the Boston Globe's GRANT program which, by vote of Globe subscribers, will provide free advertising and lead to additional support for the Parks and Recreation non-profit which supports existing parks and which helps establish more.

Boston Globe GRANT ProgramThe Boston Globe has begun a novel "grass-roots" program to help non-profits.  If you are a Boston Globe subscriber, you will be receiving a voucher worth either $50 or $100 (depending on the type of subscription).  While you cannot use the voucher directly, you can let the Globe know who you think should receive the benefit of your voucher, translated into free Globe advertising promoting the non-profit.

According to the Globe, "It is up to each of our readers to decide which non-profit deserves his or her voucher the most. The organizations with the highest donations will be able to spread the word about their valuable work through free advertising in The Boston Globe."

More about the Boston Globe GRANT Program

Parks & Recreation Asking for Your Support

One of the non-profits vying for your voucher dollars is the City's Parks and Recreation Department.  Recently, Uphams Corner News received email from Maureen McQuillen asking for Boston Globe subscriber support and providing an Appeal Letter from Andrea Pollack, Commissioner, Boston Parks and Recreation Department.

Dear Friends,

If you are a Boston Globe subscriber we would be grateful for your help. Boston Globe print subscribers will receive a silver envelope in the mail while electronic subscribers will receive an email announcing the Globe's GRANT (Globe Readers and Non-Profits Together) initiative.

Subscribers are asked to show their support for a non-profit organization by voting for that organization to receive free advertising in The Boston Globe. Voting begins today and runs through March 1st.

Please use your voucher to vote for The Fund for Parks and Recreation in Boston.

Please share this email with your friends, families and colleagues and ask them to also vote for The Fund for Parks and Recreation in Boston, the Boston Parks Department non-profit fund, which supports the maintenance and preservation of City of Boston parks, historical burial grounds and other properties as well as provides programs to residents and visitors.

Securing a Boston Globe GRANT will allow us to:
  • Offer more free programs for children
  • Provide more free activities for families
  • Engage more partners to assist with free programs and park maintenance
  • Communicate and promote our programs and initiatives with the Globe's 1.2 million weekly readers
Thank you for your consideration.

City of Boston Insignia

Antonia M. Pollak Commissioner
Boston Parks and Recreation Department

1010 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston MA 02118


Posted: Jan 25, 2014  Nancy J Conrad

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