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Boston NAACP Hosts "Chapter & Verse" - Livest Night Out 11/29/13

NAACP Chapter & VerseThe Boston NAACP is hosting an event on Friday, November 29, 2013 entitled Chapter & Verse, a night of live performances (bands) and spoken word with some exposure for our local authors. 

Many of you write and some of you are published, so we would love to have you come through.  This is not an invitation to have you work that night...just come and enjoy!

Fri, Nov 29, 2013
Live Music and Spoken Word
Red Fez Restaurant
1222 Washington St, Boston
Proper dress required
$15 at the door, $10 in advance
Eventbrite (see info below)
Michael Curry

Background and Precedent for Chapter and Verse
Between 1999 and 2008, "Afrocentrics" was one of the hottest live entertainment venues on the east coast.  The goal was to mimic well known clubs:
  • Nuyoricans Poets Cafe in New York
  • Natalie's from the show New York Undercover and the movie Love Jones. 

Great Artists in Appearance

Many great artists were showcased as part of the Afrocentrics entertainment venue including:
  • The Last Poets
  • Saul Williams
  • Tish Benson and Sarah Jones
  • Amiri Baraka
  • The artists from the CD "eargasms"
  • The Appollo's Jessica Care Moore
  • Mums the Schemer (from the t.v. show Oz)
  • Grammy nominated Ryan Leslie "The Black Mozart" was a regular performer while a student at Harvard University
  • Comedians like Mike Yard, Brooklyn Mike and so many others
Afrocentrics was responsible for launching the careers of singers, poets, writers and comedians.  Notably, even Michael Holley, formerly of the Globe, was a regular and one of the baddest poets in Boston.

So "Come Prepared to get Your Intellectual Groove On!"  Join Boston's NAACP at the Red Fez and make it a great happening. 

For more

NAACP Chapter ∓ Verse
NAACP Chapter ∓ Verse

Posted: November 25, 2013     Nancy J Conrad

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