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The Boston Classical Orchestra Visits the Strand Theatre - December 6, 2010, 7pm.

Posted: December 2, 2010
Nancy J Conrad

Boston Classical OrchestraDorchester is honored to welcome the Boston Classical Orchestra in helping us celebrate the holiday season at the Strand.  "A Dorchester Christmas" is an opportunity for this well-established chamber orchestra to share the Strand's legendary stage with other local performing groups. 

It's also a chance for those in attendance to become familiar with the high-quality sound and experience this orchestra is known to deliver.

The Boston Classical Orchestra is in its 30th year, having been founded  by their long time violinist and concert master Robert Brink.  The orchestra has called Faneuil Hall its home since its inaugural performance in May, 1980. 

F.John Adams was the first music director followed by Harry Ellis Dickson in 1983 and Stephen Lipsett in 1999 who holds the position of Music Director to this day.

Boston Classical Orchestra Website
Boston Classical Orchestra
The mission of the Boston Classical Orchestra is:

"to offer outstanding performances of the chamber orchestra repertoire in an intimate and historical setting, concentrating on music of the Classical period."

The orchestra's approach to the presentation of classical music is to be commended.  They see themselves in relationship to the audience. 

The atmosphere is purposely relaxed with comments about the music interspersed with the playing of the music.  Listeners easily feel connected to the performance.  The experience encourages a spontaneous and genuine appreciation and this in turn is stimulus for the instrumentalists and the conductor.

Boston Classical Orchestra is termed a "chamber orchestra" which contrasts with the more commonly heard term "symphonic orchestra."  The difference is simple. 

You can think of a chamber orchestra as a symphonic orchestra on a smaller scale.  Boston Classical, depending on the music and venue, ranges from 35 to 45 players whereas a symphonic orchestra is generally around 80 players.

Not only does the smaller setting allow for a different selection of music, it also encourages both a visual and aural intimacy with the individual players.

As artists, the musicians are both accomplished technicians as well as interpreters of art.  During the performance there is no separation between the musician, the sounds they create and their experience of creating that sound.  You can see it in their movements, their facial expressions and their attention to the artists around them and the conductor. 

Getting caught up in the act of creation can be truly moving for both the performer and the listener.

Boston Classical Orchestra Boston Classical Orchestra

Jessica is a fan and writes:

"The BCO is such a hidden treasure of Boston.  Keep up the good work." 

Let's open our eyes and ears on December 6, 2010 at the Holiday Concert.  There will waft our way the mellifluous sounds of the bowed strings, the wood winds, the brass, the keyboards and the percussion, all joining together to raise our spirits for a wonderful holiday season. 

See you there.

**Note: Photos were provided by Boston Classical Orchestra specifically for inclusion here.

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