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Boo Bash - Highly Popular Halloween Family Event - October 31, 2010

Posted: Thursday, November 1, 2010
Nancy J Conrad

Boo Bash at the Strand Theater on Halloween 2010Boo Bash at the Strand Theater on Halloween 2010

Were you invited to a Halloween party?  Of course, you were! 

The city of Boston holds a community Halloween party every year at the Strand theater called Boo Bash.  This year, on Sunday, October 31, 2010, hundreds of kids and adult-sized would-be kids joined the festivities for another successful, healthy and fun-filled family event.  

Face painting was popular with the little kids and the big kids as well. 
Boo Bash at the Strand Theater on Halloween 2010
One of the best parts of the Boo Bash reminded us of sitting and watching the grass grow.  What an odd thing to say!  But it's true.  

In order to want to sit quietly and watch a bunch of kids on stage dancing to piped-in music, you have to be really relaxed, tired or in the mood for meditating.

The first floor seating area was filled with adults and kids sitting calmly, talking, laughing and watching.  There was not a rowdy person in the crowd -- no crying, no screaming, no shouting -- just people taking in the scene.  

For the go-getter kids the stage was the perfect place to be with other kids just like themselves, to show off their costumes and get down to the music.  It was also a great way for the kids to use up their energy.
Some party-ers came up to us asking: "Where's the candy?"  (Don't know) We were curious - and hungry for sweets?? -- maybe a chocolate bar, some bubblegum, maybe a lollipop?

No, no, no!  

The City of Boston was really good about setting a model for healthy Trick or Treats.  Once the attendees realized there was no candy, they were happy to ask for chocolate milk, ice cream and apples.  The ice cream went first.  There was a little bit of chocolate milk left at the end.  And the apples?

"So what are you going to do with all of those apples?"  we asked.  Her answer?  "I understand there's a shelter across the street."  She was  right.  There is a homeless shelter across the street.  We hope the apples are more popular there than they were with the kids.
Boo Bash at the Strand Theater on Halloween 2010Off to the side was a rain forest display -- very interesting.  The volunteer, who performs animal rescue work for a living, sat calmly holding her four-year-old crocodile.  

She explained: "Some day this crocodile will be returned to a natural setting, what is called a sanctuary.  No wild animal, once handled by humans, can ever be successfully returned to the wild."  The crocodile seemed so benign and calm.  She was petting it as if they were the best of friends. 

 "Will it ever get any bigger?" we asked rather naively.  Her answer was a bit of a surprise but then on reflection, a matter of common sense.  "900 pounds."  That's right - she said 900 pounds.  I watched the crocodile grow rapidly as it sat in her lap. It quickly reached the full 900 pounds and crushed the poor lady.

Well ... What can you expect from someone having so much fun at this party?  

It was, after all, ... Halloween!

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