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Posted: June 21, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

WordPress WordPress is our Pick

Upham's Corner News is pleased to announce the selection of WordPress as a blog site to enhance news reporting. 

The blog will add flexibility and functionality for both writers and readers.

Upham's News Blog

Since our inception, we have been promoting community and transparency:

  • Community involvement in writing content
  • Transparency in keeping the community up-to-date.

Community news comes from neighborhood meetings, nonprofit meetings, emails and other announcements.  The question is how to “catch it floating by” and how to publish it?

Many neighborhood associations meet regularly but do not share.  Or maybe they share amongst themselves via email. Announcements and some summaries go out (to a select few) yet still get lost to the course of time and clutter.

What is the solution?  Unless someone takes notes and writes a summary , a  report or email, there is no solution to the challenge of  knowing what is happening in our community.

Hope Lies in Blogging

However, some hope lies in the world of blogs and their end-user friendliness.   A blog provides:

  • Quick and easy posting of local news
  • Ability for readers to post comments,
  • Opinion posts by Upham’s Corner News
  • Strong search capabilities.

After setting one up, it does not take too long to settle on a format that works – an organization that allows readers to find what they are looking for. After that, it’s “NEW” and you are creating the next blog entry.

Why do I want to write a blog?
  1. I have something to say – opinion, news, suggestion
  2. Highlight information already online
  3. Share email content with a wider readership

How do I execute my goal? Open a “new” blog, give it a title, write, or copy and paste, upload images, categorize and tag, save, review, publish.

Notification is still important.  You can blog and update, post and feel proud and responsible but if no one is listening, you are like the proverbial people-less forest where no one can hear the tree fall.

There is room for both an in-depth publication and a blog.  Upham’s Corner News is experimenting with what works on the blog and may reorganize periodically with new insight into how to make the news available.

While our website will continue to serve as the “newspaper,” adding the blog provides a more fluid interchange of information in multiple formats.


- Nancy Conrad, Editor Upham’s Corner News

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