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Black History Month Poetry: 'Touched by the Heart of Truth'

Touched by the Heart of Truth

by Carolle Nau

One never knows the true
pain which strikes another.

But if your heart beats, you’ll
feel it when you read someone
else’s story.

I felt my heart being touched when
a well of water cupped my eye.

Stories of courageous people
amazing people like
Desmond Tutu, Booker T Washington,
Ella Fitzgerald, Nelson Mandela
and many more.
They changed the world just by
being alive.

Oh, to be able to glimpse briefly into
their hearts when they were a child.
To partake in the moments
of painful truths which shifted the
very ground we now walk.
Serves as a warm reminder of the value
of human history, of Black History.

Let us meet each day and honor them,
step into those hard spaces of change,
those realities that are wrong to right,
no matter how small or big,
as they once did.

Choosing to remember to celebrate
the collective truth of our good inspires
and nourishes that vein of truth which
flows deeply from our hearts.

| Copyright © 2013 Carolle Nau - All Rights Reserved |

Posted: February 6, 2013     Nancy J Conrad

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