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Black History Month Poetry: Chalk Lines

Chalk Lines

by Carolle Nau

dreaming in a rain of bullets.
how do i dodge the flying missiles
threatening to foil my dreams?

creative thoughts
of gifted young people
fly faster than metal jacket

swish the sound
of brass colored metal
seeking organic matter

privileged to see
the sun rise one more day.
I see paint
on the city street.
An artistic outcry.

15 - - too many to count,
i feel the urge to lose it.

The sound of a fluttering
mechanical bird
above my head shines,
lights a stage, act one

splayed on the intersecting corners
are crime scene figures
each with it’s own story.
red, white and blue rings non-stop
as unsung heroes remove the
human debris.

what color
should these street figures be?
should they be lined so the black of the street
answers the obvious
or should they be painted in yellow
so the satellite can see them, send them
to the news reel
of a consolidated
media field?

oh, what would the people in Sweden say
about such an image? Perhaps pass us
a wet vac as we are knee deep
in flood waters!

we are living in a battlefield,
Afganistan, Iraq, Sudan, Syria,
US, Detroit, Compton, Roxbury
me and you!

the point being
is it
another bright light
beaming with potential shine
extinguished before it’s time?

yellow bodies
once meant to shine
lie at the intersection
of misguided choices.

| Copyright © 2013 Carolle Nau - All Rights Reserved |

Posted: February 26, 2013     Carolle Nau

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