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Black History Month Poetry: "Beautiful Black Women"

Beautiful Black Women **

Beautiful Black Women don’t cry.
Beautiful Black Women even when he lies.
Beautiful Black Women stand tall and don’t die.

Beautiful Black Women with low self-esteem hold your head up.
Beautiful Black Women, you’re here on this earth, so think about it. Don’t fear to appear.

Beautiful Black Women don’t get played, just to get laid,
Say no to the lion paws all over your body for his selfish laws.  

We laughed, we played, we made love, and he took all my stuff.
He made love to me, he loved me and took all my stuff.

The house, the cars, my love, he took all my stuff.
My job, my money, my honey, he took all my stuff.
My life, my jazz, he took all my stuff.

God gave it back!

Tonya Jordan-Wilkerson

** Poem read at Uphams Corner Library Open Mic on 2/19/13

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Tonya WilkersonAbout Tonya

Tonya attends Holy Tabernacle Church and serves as an Usher there.  She also sings in the Women's Choir.  Her faith is strong and permeates her life including adding a foundation to the poetry she writes.  Whatever the problems of life, she is able to turn to God.

Currently attending Roxbury Community College as a full-time nursing student, she is also the mother of four children and six grandchildren.  "We are a very close knit family."

"I enjoy writing poetry and started writing at the age of nine.  I love writing poetry.  My plans are to write a biography - the story of my life - in poetry form.

Tonya read her poem at the February 19, 2013 Open Mic Poetry Reading at the Uphams Corner Branch Library.

Posted: February 21, 2013     Nancy J Conrad

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