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Black History Month Index 2013

Black History Month Uphams Corner News is honoring Black History Month throughout February 2013 and every day of the year.  We recognize the prior achievements and contributions of Black people.  We recognize that what happens today is creating tomorrow's Black History. 
  • New articles and other expressesions (poetry) related to Black History
  • An index of UC News articles providing insight into today's Black History in Greater Uphams Corner

New Articles

Black Writers of Black Poetry

Latorial Faison I Need to Know
The Sounds of Blackness
What is Black History?
I Am
Freedom without Revelation
What is Poetry?

Tonya Jordan-Wilkerson Beautiful Black Women
Carolle Nau Touched by the Heart of Truth
Chalk Lines
Robby Thomas Dedicated to Katrina
Brian T Williams Don't let it be a Mystery

Black History in the Making

Celebrations of Black History

Juneteenth Celebration in Boston at National Center of Afro-American Artists

NAACP Boston

Grove Hall Library Presentations / Forums

A Four-Week Video & Discussion Series on Race, Racism, and Health Nov 2012
Black History - Scholarship in the Community  Feb 2011

Epitaphs for the Murdered Youth and Adults

A Shrine for Jovany
Dessa Eason - Son Jovany
Aug 2, 2009 20     
Geraldo Serrano honored Feb 21, 2010 71
Luis Jorge Tavares Mar 14, 2011        18
Edmund Andrade, Jr. Apr 20, 2011 23
Terrance Johnson
"T" is Gone - In Memoriam
May 31, 2011 28
Aaron Wornum
In Memoriam, Aaron Wornum
Jun 26, 2011 25
Francis Kargbo Aug 23, 2011 23
Resident Victory Program Oct 11, 2011 50's
Christopher Pichardo Jan 14, 2012 18

Isaura Mendes

Lost two of her children to gun violence.  Her response has been to offer support to families hurt by violence and to all the youth, especially Cape Verdean.

Tina Chery

Lost her son to gun violence.  She has started the Louis D Brown Peace Institute.

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