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Benjamin the Juggling Clown Entertains at CSCV - November 20, 2010

Posted: 11/20/2010
Nancy J Conrad

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What do you do if you see a clown driving a car?
  • First you stare in amazement at the brightly painted face.
  • Then you think to yourself: "This clown is up to something."
So you motion the clown to roll down his window and hope the light stays red.

"What are you doing?"

He points to the left and says "day care center." Of course, that could only be the Cape Verdean Day Care Center on Hancock Street
Benjamin the Clown at CSCV Benjamin the Clown at CSCV
When we arrived, the receptionist said: "You must be talking about Benjamin the Clown.  He was supposed to be here at 11."

And we said: "He's right outside."

The seats were full - mostly the elderly but lots of kids as well.

While they waited for the clown, a woman gave a demonstration on how to perform a breast self-exam.

Shortly Benjamin the Clown arrived with rolling cases of clown supplies. When the health training finished, the clown moved up front and began setting up. 
Benjamin the Clown at CSCV Benjamin the Clown at CSCV

Benjamin, a true performer, increased our anticipation of the show to come -- removing the props, shaking them out and laying them carefully on the table in back - as if they were already magical.  Clearly the setup was as much a part of the show as the show itself.

The crowd watched eagerly, enthralled with his movements, not knowing what to expect. He cleared the space in front and motioned to the kids. "Sit here," he pointed, "Sit over there" and he pointed again.

He didn't speak Creole but that didn't matter. When was the last time you heard a clown talk?"

His language was his own sign language.  "Yes," he would motion, signing approval with an exaggerated grin on his face. When the kids were all seated, he rubbed his hands together as if to say:  "Let's get started."
Benjamin the Clown at CSCV
Benjamin the Clown's routine was full of bright colors, quick movements and magic. 
  • He pulled rabbits out of a hat
  • He pulled colorful scarves out of an empty square of cloth
  • And a lot more
And the juggling?

He is a supreme juggler, comfortable tossing and catching a tennis racket as much as the usual juggling pins and juggling balls.

Take a look at the photos attempting to capture his rapidly spinning balls and pins and rackets.  You can barely find them as they fly past the lens of the camera.

What a wonderful time we all had. View all the photos.
Benjamin the Clown at CSCV Benjamin the Clown at CSCV

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