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Barbara Belony Graduates from Emerging Leader Program

Dorchester’s Barbara Belony Graduates from Emerging Leader Program

Visiting Nurse Association of BostonA scarcity of clinical managers properly equipped to move into leadership roles is a key challenge facing the home health industry today.
  1. Many current managers have extensive clinical expertise, but limited business management training.
  2. Traditional graduate level programs are too expensive and not relevant enough to home health care to justify the time and expense.
The Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts and Suffolk University’s Center for Public Management has developed the Emerging Leaders Program, an executive training program which addresses the issue of building the next generation of home health executives but affordably.  In the Emerging Leaders Program, participants earn a Certificate in Home Care Management.

The program's objective is to build the management skills of home health care clinical managers through a 9-month intensive program of graduate school level courses that are directly relevant to the management of a community-based health care organization.

Barbara Belony Graduates from Suffolk University's Emerging Leaders Program

The Visiting Nurse Association of Boston and Affiliates is pleased to announce that one of their own has benefitted from the executive training program..

Barbara Belony, RN, Patient Services Manager for the Visiting Nurse Association of Boston & Affiliates, recently earned a Certificate in Home Care Management from Suffolk University’s Emerging Leaders Program.

In a ceremony attended by family, friends, colleagues and faculty, the graduates heard from keynote speaker Meg Doherty, CEO of Norwell VNA and Hospice. 

She congratulated the class on their commitment to learning and leadership despite the sacrifices made and the disruption to their lives and that of their families.  “As leaders,” she told the class, “you will not just do a job, but make a difference.”

Barbara Belony

L-R: Attending the Emerging Leaders Program graduation from the Visiting Nurse Association of Boston: Maria Dunn, Manager of Quality & Risk Management; Judy Sojack, Patient Services Manager; Annemarie Martin, Patient Services Director; Barbara Belony, Patient Services Manager; Keren Diamond, Senior Vice President of Operations; and Margo Bourne, Patient Services Manager.



Kelly Frew
Visiting Nurse Association of Boston & Affiliates
617.886.6463 | kfrew@vnab.org
Jan 9, 2013


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Posted: January 21, 2013     Nancy J Conrad

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