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Badly Needed Sidewalk Repairs in Uphams Corner Business District

Public Works Dept repairing sidewalks in Uphams CornerPublic Works was hard at work repairing trip hazards and areas of missing brick on the Uphams Corner sidewalks in the business district on Tuesday, August 14, 2012.

A cheerful lot, the crew was most willing to pose for photos and discuss their project.  Supervisor Thomas Hanlon thought the Uphams Corner area looked pretty good - not a lot of trash in the streets and the weeds?  A naturalist's setting to be enjoyed.

They had a list of all problem spots as called into the Mayor's Hotline or via Citzens Connect.  The areas to be repaired have to go through the proper procedures.  The Public Works Department can't randomly respond to residents who walk up to them over the course of the day.

The repair work is not for novices.  Bricks need a stable bedding yet they need to be able to move with temperature changes.  Removing the bricks and sand allows the workers to create the proper receiving surface, to insert the bricks with sufficient (but not too much spacing) and secure the new area with wet sand mortar.

The work shown in the photos below was done in front of Camilo Liquors.  Owner Pedro Camilo joined us in praising the Public Works crew and in just being his bouyant, effervescent self.  He posed with the guys and gave them a big thumbs up.

How to Get Repairs Scheduled

If you want a sidewalk area repaired, it MUST be called in.  As the list of problem areas increases in the Uphams Corner area, Public Works allocates a day to Uphams Corner.

Bottom line?  The City of Boston's Public Works Department is responsive to resident and business requests but it has to go through proper channels.  So look around.  Find a problem?  Call it in immediately at 617-635-4500 or use Citizens Connect to log it into the system.

Public Works Dept repairing sidewalks in Uphams Corner
Eric McCormick happily moving sand
Repairing brick sidewalks in Uphams Corner
Eric carefully filling loose wet sand between bricks
Repairing brick sidewalks in Uphams Corner
Pablo Mendez pointing between bricks
Public Works Dept repairing sidewalks in Uphams Corner
Supervisor Thomas Hanlon
Repairing brick sidewalks in Uphams Corner
Store owner Pedro Camilo is elated over the work being done
by Pablo Mendez and Eric McCormick

Posted: August 14, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

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