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Area 324 Neighborhood Watch - Meeting Notes 3/16/14

The Area 324 Neighborhood Watch March meeting took place 3/16/14 with three local families present as well as B2 police.  They are continuing to emphasize community beautification with participation in several community sponsored efforts.  The biggest issues are 25 Brookford Street - absentee landlord with deplorable tenant behavior and unacceptable adult male hanging out on Winthrop School property.

Area 324 Neighborhood WatchThe Area 324 Neighborhood Watch meetings usually take place on Sunday afternoons (schedule below) and are open to all neighbors in the Area 324 Neighborhood Watch community including Danube Street, Dacia Street, Ingleside Street, Blue Hill Ave, Adrian Street, Brookford Street, Randlette Place, Rand Street, Fairbury Street, Rand Place, Julian Street, and Dalin Place.

Present for 3/16/14 Meeting

Family of 126 Dacia Street, family of 15 Brookford Street, family of 11 Brookford Street, B-2 Police presence

Quality of life

B-2 Community Service Officer went over Police report of Police Area 324/325 over the last 30 days.

25 Brookford Street Problem Property

This property continues to be an eye sore for the neighborhood. Neighbors have silently put out trash barrels on days of trash pickup due to being "fed up" with watching trash pile up. Residents in the home are believed to be defecating out their window on the Dacia St. side.

Neighbors on Dacia Street have continuously seen human feces or toilet paper on the street next to the home. Neighbors do not believe the defecation is being done by the prostitutes in the area due to the placement and the time of day the feces is noticed. The outside lot on Brookford Street is again littered with trash. Neighbors are requesting Environmental and Inspectional Services to assist in the homeowner taking better care of the property. Neighbors will contact the Mayor's hotline and submit a ticket (ticket submitted for trash in the yard was done 7:00pm 3/16/14). B-2

Police took notice of the yard and will put a call into Inspectional services and Environmental services on Monday, March 17th. Efforts of Area 324 reaching out to families that live within the home have been frustrating due to the high turn over of families moving in and out of the property. The homeowner does not live in the property.

Community Beautification

Area 324th project for 2014 will concentrate on neighborhood beautification. Major project scheduled to take place on May 17th and 18th.
  • Painting of the stairs and home trim will help to keep the homes in the area looking fresh and well cared for.
  • Area 324 has requested donations from DSNI, City of Boston, and Nuestra Communidad.At this time, no organization has responded with donations.
  • The project will take place regardless of the support of community organizations.
  • The homeowners have expressed a love for their homes and a pride that will be showcased.

Area 324 will partake in the Nuestra Communidad "Cleanest Streets Contest." Area 324 representation will be present at planning meetings.

Winthrop School

Residents have seen an increase in illegal activity after hours at the Winthrop School playgrounds and the adjacent park.
  • The park is dark with no working lights, enabling drug action and prostitution to take place.
  • Neighbors on Dacia St. have called the Police, however, when Police arrive, the people in the park have usually left.
  • Residents would like lighting to be better in the Park and School area and Police presence to help with illegal actions.
  • Residents are aware that B-2 is doing the best that they can and will continue to call with concerns until this area becomes more of a Police priority.
  • Large groups of adult males often congregate in the play ground area, often leaving broken glass bottles.
  • The John Winthrop School Principal has not connected with the Area 324 NW to work together to rectify the situation.
  • Area 324 will continue to reach out to create a cohesive partnership.
  • B-2 is aware of the concern and has been strategizing on how best to "clean up" the park.
  • B-2 recognizes the neighbors' frustrations and vision of the community, especially those with young children, to better utilize the great open space.
Residents would like to see the empty lots on Brookford St. continued to be maintained even as the City researches the true ownership of the empty lots. The forgotten lot often has trash and over grown vegetation behind the white fence, often a sore spot in the neighborhood.

Community Revitalization

Area 324 was invited to join the "Mission 180" Coalition.

B-2 Police and Area 324 will host a guerilla block party in June 2014 to celebrate and empower neighbors to meet and come together in a safe and fun manner. Area 324 will continue to work with B-2 Police and Nuestra Communidad to ensure that this event takes place.

Boston Neighborhood Watch director will help Area 324 promote and engage with neighbors by supporting the group with business cards. The cards will enable neighbors to connect and remain connected to information in the community as well as meetings.

***Block leaders had a conversation with DSNI community outreach coordinator after the meeting to discuss short term and long term partnership and ways to support each other. Meetings tentatively scheduled will discuss further details.

Future Event/Meeting Schedule:

April 27th    15 Brookford St. 3pm

May 17th & 18th    Area 324 Beautification Project

June 22nd    Brookford St/Dacia St. block party

July 20th    11 Brookford St. 3pm

August 17th    126 Dacia St. 3pm

Email: area324neighborhoodwatch@gmail.com for more information.

Posted: March 16, 2014   Nancy J Conrad

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