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Area 324 - Neighborhood Watch Meeting Notes - March 17, 2013

Neighborhood Watch Meeting Notes for March 17, 2013 - 15 Brookford Street

Present Family of 126 Dacia Street, family of 15 Brookford Street, family of 11 Brookford Street, DSNI outreach and youth activist, B-2 Police presence

Quality of life Discussed was the empty lot across from Breezeways. Families living on Dalin Place and Julian St (closer to Blue Hill Ave) have consistent "ruckus" from loiterers staying in the empty lot at all times of the day. Residents would like for the loiterers to leave the empty lot and for the lot to be cleaned up. Conversations between the owner of Breezeways and the empty lot and the City are said to be in effect. The lot will possibly be turned into a parking lot for the surrounding businesses.

Police Report
B-2 Community Service Officer dropped off Police report of Area 324 with noted updates. (attached report).  In this meeting, residents spoke about the latest Police response of a two year old girl wandering the streets on 3/16. A neighbor spotted the young girl crossing Brookford Street, closer to Blue Hill Ave. Neighbors along the block came together with the help of B-2 Police to search for child's care-taker. Child was taken to BMC. The Neighborhood showed a togetherness in a time of adversity. As neighbors, they took to keeping this 2 year old safe, given warm clothes, and sought help in finding her care-givers. B-2 issued a police scan to Area 324 neighborhood watch members for awareness on 3/16/13. 

Several streets in the Area 324 continue to NOT have the promised LED street light conversion. Lights are needed to curtail illegal actions. Judson, Julian, Rand Streets continue to have sub par lighting.

Community Beautification  Area 324 will enter the Boston Shines movement for April 21, 2013. Recruitment of all neighbors to help "clean up" will take place in the following weeks leading up to the event. DSNI coordinator partnerships with Area 324 NW to solidify plans with the City of Boston.  Area 324 also will take part in Nuestra Communidad's "Cleanest Streets Contest" happening June 8th. (Informational flyer attached) 

Street sweeping signage will be established in the Area 324 streets beginning April 1st. Beginning June 1st enforcement will take place. The City will flyer cars with the upcoming expectations. The sweeper will be scheduled to clean this area on Thursdays between 12 pm- 4 pm. At a neighborhood meeting hosted by DSNI on 3/11/13, neighbors learned more about the City's plan and engaged in conversation about the benefits and the concerns of the sweeping time frames. Residents mentioned the advocacy for the teachers at the Winthrop School and the school dismissal during the sweeping time. City officials stated that they will take under consideration the school's dismissal time and sweep closer to the 4 pm mark. Residents that park on the street should be aware that the sweepers will sweep the odd number side of the street on the 1st and 3rd Thursday and the even side of the street on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays. Tickets and towing will not go into effect until June 1st for this year. Years after, enforcement will be consistent with the signage markings. 

Residents have noticed a increase of rodents outside at 25 Brookford St. Residents would like Inspectional Services and any other City Department to look into this concern. Residents put a "ticket" into the Mayor Hotline several times, without any ramifications or anyone coming to see the problem. 

Residents have seen an increase in illegal activity after hours at the Winthrop School playgrounds and the adjacent park. The park is dark with no working lights, enabling drug action and prostitution to take place. Neighbors on Dacia St. have called the Police, however, when Police arrive, the people in the park have usually left. Residents would like lighting to be better in the Park and School area and Police presence to help with illegal actions. Residents are aware that B-2 is doing the best that they can and will continue to call with concerns until this area becomes more of a Police priority. 

Residents would like to see the empty lots on Brookford St. continued to be maintained even as the City researches the true ownership of the empty lots.

Community revitalization  Residents would like to know if there are plans to help foster businesses in this community that will thrive and positive additions to the neighborhood. Residents spoke at length about the liquor stores in the neighborhood and the lack of culturally sensitive restaurants.  Residents spoke about the apathy with neighbors in the community have and strategies of how to get renters as committed about the community as home owners.  There was conversation regarding foreclosed housing being acquired by DNI/DSNI's and allowing low income families opportunities to own their own home with potentially a similar formula as the DSNI land trust home owners have.

Next Meeting Sunday April 21, 2013 BOSTON SHINES!  All neighbors lets come together to clean up our streets! Food will be provided after the clean up by DSNI. Tools will be provided by the City. Just show up and clean!  Email: area324neighborhoodwatch@gmail.com for more information.

Area 324 Neighborhood Watch is a grassroots organization of families working together as concerned citizens for the safety, revitalization and beautification of our community. We look out for each other's property and persons. We hope to inspire a feeling of trust, pride, and responsibility for our neighborhood. Our goal is to work in conjunction with community supports, such as the Boston Police, to make our streets safe, have a positive quality of life and to eradicate issues of crimes for the families living and working in this area. We are making it available for our children to go outside and make it back in safely.  - Mission Statement

This meeting is open to all neighbors in the Area 324 Neighborhood Watch community. We are trying to reach neighbors on the following streets: Danube Street, Dacia Street, Ingleside Street, Blue Hill Ave, Adrian Street, Brookford Street, Randlette Place, Rand Street, Fairbury Street, Rand Place, Julian Street, and Dalin Place. 

Posted: March 30, 2013     Nancy J Conrad

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