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Area324 Neighborhood Watch Meeting Notes 9/16/12

Neighborhood Watch Meeting Notes for September 2012 - 15 Brookford Street

Present: family of 126 Dacia Street, family of 15 Brookford Street, Director of City of Boston Neighborhood Watch Groups

This meeting is open to all neighbors in the Area 324 Neighborhood Watch community. We are trying to reach neighbors on the following streets: Danube Street, Dacia Street, Ingleside Street, Blue Hill Ave, Adrian Street, Brookford Street, Randlette Place, Rand Street, Fairbury Street, Rand Place, Julian Street, and Dalin Place. 

See Mission Statement below

Contact Information for Area Three-Twentyfour Neighborhood watch: area324neighborhoodwatch@gmail.com

Quality of life

Light on the corner of Rand St. and Brookford has finally been connected to electricity and is bright! Unfortuantly, drug activity continues to happen on the same corner, both selling as well as buying. These activites are most noticed early morning time between 6 am and 8 am.

Requested help from director to change the old lighting fixture and put up a LED light on Rand St. for better visability and hopefully less drug action.

House on the corner of Brookford and Dacia perpetually has trash strewn across their property on all sides. Requesting getting the Response Team involved. Inspectional services call needed.

Request for inspectional services to cite 35 Brookford St. for their lack of property management.

Drug activity all hours of the day and night happen on the corner of Brookford St. and Randlett Place (private Way)

We hope for B-2 bike police to bike through our streets while they are on their details at the Blue Hill Ave liquor stores. Their presence will be much appreciated.

Community Beautification

LED lights upgrade needed on Brookford and Dacia St. for safety reasons. A ticket needs to be open for this request via Mayor’s hotline. J.W. spearhead. Rep Henriquez’s office putting together signatures of residents to compile a list to hand out to other officials to show that LED lights are needed in our neighborhood for safety reasons. Especially with the fight against prostitution and crime.

Dacia St. Park needs trees pruned again. Can a light be added near the entrance from Dacia St. drug activity, loud voices, negative behaviors are taking place in this area due to lack of light and the underbrush providing cover. D.T. will email Carolyn and Officer Grubbs.

Can trash cans be put at the corners of Dacia St and Brookford St to help with beautification? D.T. will email Carolyn and Officer Grubbs

Street Sweeping signage requested with day and time to no park so the sweeper can actually clean vs. what is going on now, which is the sweeper goes down the middle of the street due to the parked cars. T.F. will open ticket with Mayor’s hotline. D.T. will connect with DND and see what help there can be.

Community Revitalization
  • Create a positive and open communication between Principal Carr of John Winthrop Elementary School and Area 324.
  • Mission 180 has been created for this area. Nuestra Comunidad spearheading project.
  • DSNI new Charter school
  • Packy’s closed. Less traffic at night noticed.
  • Potential new Methodone clinic discussed. More information needed.

Posted: September 16, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

Area 324 Mission Statement

Area 324 Neighborhood Watch is a grassroots organization of families working together as concerned citizens for the safety, revitalization and beautification of our community. We look out for each other's property and persons. We hope to inspire a feeling of trust, pride, and responsibility for our neighborhood.

Our goal is to work in conjunction with community supports, such as the Boston Police, to make our streets safe, have a positive quality of life and to eradicate issues of crimes for the families living and working in this area. We are making it available for our children to go outside and make it back in safely.

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