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Affirmations to Start a New Year - in September?

Affirmations to Start a New Year

New Year's Eve? It's not even close to January 1. But for many families Labor Day - a little before, a little after - is the start of a new (school) year. That changes everything. And what do we do on New Year's? We make resolutions that break as easily as a falling egg.

Here's another approach - affirmations. Think of affirmations as resolutions with a goal of changing how we think. How we think determines how we behave and sets our self-images. Creating our own set of affirmations and visiting them often is a wonderful way to change our lives.

Affirmations are always stated in the "positive" form. They are visionary. We look ahead to our vibrant selves and state HOW WE ARE, not how we are not. Ex: I DO NOT eat junk food NO NO. I eat healthy food YES YES.


I DO NOT eat junk food (NO NO).
I DO eat healthy food (YES YES).

Here are two sets of affirmations: One for you (me) and one for Upham's Corner.

Affirmations for Me

  • I travel ‘light’ – "Junk – be gone!"
  • I have my finances under control and manage my money well.
  • I eat healthy foods.
  • I stay in touch with family and friends.
  • I exercise often.
  • I take on only as much as I can handle and follow through.
  • Accountability is important for me and my team.
  • I make decisions after some deliberation.
  • I am honest but gentle with others.
  • I take care of issues as they arise (procrastination? What’s that?).
  • I express myself in positive, creative and supportive ways.
  • If I have helped one person or brightened their day, it was worth it.
  • I welcome all thoughts and seek to understand, learn and grow.
  • I love my work; I love my life.

Offered by Rev. John Odams:
Good morning, Lord, this is your day. I am your child. Show me the way.

Affirmations for Upham's Corner

  • I love Upham’s Corner.
  • I love my neighborhood.
  • I take care of my property and the adjacent public areas.
  • I put litter in its place.
  • I am friendly and greet my neighbors often.
  • I shop locally.
  • I know the shop owners by name and greet them often.
  • I make every effort to be carbon free.
  • I recycle (everything).
  • I am in frequent contact with elected officials and the City.
  • I always say Thank You before I ask for more (city services).
  • I support the growth of urban farming and green spaces.
  • I work to make Upham’s Corner more beautiful.
  • I love Upham’s Corner.

Brought to you by the Upham's Corner Improvement Association.

Posted:  August 31, 2011 Nancy J Conrad

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