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Advisory Board being Formed

Posted: Thursday, September 9, 2010
Nancy J Conrad

Upham’s Corner News is ready for an advisory board.  We've released three issues, started a mailing list, set a publishing format and we've gotten some positive feedback.

Advisory Board involvement is by e-mail only. There's no need for face-to-face meetings as the product we are rendering is online. We already have a board member who lives in Austin Texas.
Responsibilities include the following:
  • Read all of the articles in each issue as it gets published.
  • Make some notes on what you liked and I'm what you didn't like.
  • Take a look at the photos, the formatting, the navigability of the page and the writing style.
  • Send feedback, keep it brief and keep the conversation going, as appropriate
Your personal reaction as a reader of the newspaper is perhaps more important than anything else.  A newspaper's goal is to have readers who look forward to the next issue.  At the same time online access means finding information easily and quickly.

The Upham’s Corner News Online website is more than a newspaper.  The primary landing page is always the latest issue.  However, the news content from all other issues is also online. So finding information from a prior issue and finding that easily is important.  It reinforces the reader’s positive opinion about the newspaper and the website.
We'd like forward thinking people who aren't afraid to give an opinion and who don't get their feelings hurt because we don't implement their ideas on the spot.  We always listen. No matter what comments and feedback are provided, they always generate a seed for change, whether now or in the future.

What would it be like to be on the board?
  1. You will be on the advisory board mailing list
  2. We ask that you send your comments to everyone on the list
  3. You will get e-mails from the editor asking for timely feedback
  4. We ask that you read each issue from two perspectives -- as a casual reader and a board member
  5. We ask that you provide sincere and honest feedback about each issue - no matter how small or large
One last note... this organization has a positive attitude.  We love our community and want to see it grow.  Critical feedback is important -- complaining has no place. 

You don't have to live here.  

Some board members will need to live in Upham's Corner.  Others can live anywhere as long as they take an active interest in the newspaper. 

Contact us at uphamscornernews@gmail.com or call 617-436-8559.

You can send us your resume and that's good for our files. More important is your enthusiasm, your love of our community, your understanding of the role of online newspapers and how you think you can help our newspaper grow.

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