Advertising and Promotions with Uphams Corner News

Uphams Corner News welcomes you to advertise with us or to have our online digital platform promote your event.  The cost is  setup only.  Ads are highlighted columnar text or images inline with other news.  Promotions are separate webpages  (formatted HTML with image) with a link from the FrontPage.

FrontPage with Sample AdUphams Corner News welcomes you to advertise with us or to have us promote your event.  These two options yield different results.  Which one is right for your organization depends on your objectives. 


 Your text-ready or image-ready copy can usually be incorporated as an ad on the FrontPage (FP) and tested in under an hour.   The width of an ad is the width of the FP column, approximately 250px wide.  The maximum height is 500px. 

Your ad, highlighted per your specifications (and our standards), using both color and borders, will stand out and attract attention.    The actual setup time may vary depending on the quality of the submission.  

Ads will remain on the Current FrontPage (index.html) for two weeks but will remain on the Issue FrontPage permanently.

Click here to view a live HTML Frontpage with Ad

Activities included in the setup charge:


A promotion is a formatted HTML page with image that describes your event (or whatever you are promoting).  Such pages
Promotions work is usually 1-2 hours and consists of the following:


The basic fee is $25 per hour.    We accept checks, direct payment to our PayPal account or BARTER (free ticket to event, etc).

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Posted: May 30, 2014    Nancy J Conrad