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Upham's Corner News Online will be published periodically which means the "Front Page" changes. Real content can be updated at any time since the website is also (a growing and ever incomplete) portal to Upham's Corner activities.

When a feature story is ready and enough other "headline" stories are ready, that's when a new "issue" of the paper goes live. What changes? Only the Front Page of the newspaper along with indexes to the newest articles. If you are on the mailing list, you will get notice of the "publication" of a new issue with a link to the UCNO website - front page.

It's kind of like an announcement: Come and see what's new on our website, but it's in the form of a newspaper. What's really great is that the past articles will remain permanently available, unlike what happens to paper newspapers.

For continuity, the "Front Pages" will be available as "archives." This allows us to see what was newsworthy in the past. It also means that our "stories" will not be changing. The only webpages that change will be those that provide an index to the news in our files.

You can think of Upham's Corner as a small town. The official population is around 10,000. So that means that YOU are not going to get swallowed by something else "more important."

We welcome your ideas, content, photos - whatever you believe is relevant to the community, that is appropriate to share with the community and that will add to the tapestry that defines who we are.

Upham's Corner News Business CardNancy J Conrad is Upham's Corner News Online developer and editor. Writing is her passion. So is website development.

Nancy co-authored the text "Computer Mathematics," has written poetry and short stories. She has lived in Upham's Corner since 1985.

No matter what her activity, providing mechanisms for communication has always been at the top of her list. Who else would want to write "user guides" but a devotee of words, organization and knowledge transparency (no secrets please)!

Nancy loves listening to people, watching events and getting to the heart of the matter. She is also spiritual in her approach to life and looks for the good in all.

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