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About Town for January 10, 2011

Posted: Nancy J Conrad

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Imagine the surprise!  A tight turn, a large dump truck, Riley Brothers doing trench work for NStar and suddenly a street light topples into a neighbor's front window. 

Andre Monteiro lives in the first floor at 14 field Street in Upham's Corner.  He had just left to drop off a friend at work and was returning home.  "I didn't know anyone was going to be working in my driveway," he thought as he pulled up and saw the caution tape without noticing the toppled light.  He approached the work crew.  "Nobody got hurt," he was told.  "Got hurt?" he thought.  That's when he noticed the light.

"When I realized what had happened, I was really surprised and couldn't believe it."   Inside he found additional damage: "Apparently the street light hit the satellite dish on the way down.  The molding around the window is loose and there's a crack in the wall where the dish is mounted." 

"Well, this is an interesting way to start the New Year.  So what are you going to do now?" we asked.  "The owner (of Riley Brothers) said he is willing to pay for the damage."  With that Andre returned to his online video game, and we bid adieu.

Quincefield Accident Quincefield Accident
Quincefield Accident Quincefield Accident
Sunday, January 9, 2011

We understand that businesses in Upham's Corner are giving high marks to the Safe Street Team.  There are two scenarios. 
  1. First is help in overcoming a persistent problem. 
  2. Second is help dealing with a potential emergency. 
According to our sources, the SST response has been excellent.  One business manager was praised for recognizing a problematic situation and calling on the Safe Street Team immediately.  Indirectly, the praise falls on both parties, one for recognizing the problem and the second for their response.  In another case the Safe Street Team has been working with the business manager to implement a strategy and this is ongoing.

Sgt. Tommy Brooks enourages you to work with the SST proactively.  Always call 911 but consider having an ongoing conversation with the Sergeant as well.  Email:  BrooksT.bpd@ci.boston.ma.us   Cell Phone:  617-593-5882

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