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About Town for December 22, 2010

Posted: Nancy J Conrad

Tuesday, December 14, 2010Dorchester Collegiate Academy

We met with Bob Flynn, Principle of the Dorchester Collegiate Academy at 131 Hancock Street in Upham's Corner.  Upham's Corner News would like to know more about this new and upcoming school, and we'd like to hear it from everyone involved - the students, parents, teachers and administrators. 

Bob has agreed that working with UC News is a great idea.  We will be publishing their Board Meetings in the calendar and encouraging the community to support them and help make DCA a hallmark of education in the City and the Commonwealth.
Licensing Board Hearing on Cataloni's (A&R)

The Boston Licensing Board scheduled a hearing for A&R Enterprises concerning the non-use of their alcohol license. According to the BLB records, the hearing was "continued." 

The spokesperson said she had never seen that before and doesn't know if the hearing was rescheduled or if voting on the issue had been deferred.  The only certainty is that the license has not yet been revoked.

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