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About Town for November 1, 2010

Posted: Monday, November 1, 2010
Nancy J Conrad

The front of Cataloni's Bar has now been restored from a "war-ravaged" look to that of a pleasant business look.  

Apparently the stone veneer color originally installed is no longer available.  The closest match has a lot more color - though not so much that it catches the eye.  Look closely and you can see the difference.  The contractor also used a dark gray mortar with a deep inset different from the lighter morter of old.  

Across the board - much better for Upham's Corner.   

Upham's Corner Fall ScenesUpham's Corner Fall Scenes
You can't call this building Ka' Carlos Restaurant anymore since ownership has changed and the signs are gone.  

We've gotten to know a friendly gentleman who calls himself Pablo Juan.  One day we spied him walking in front of the building lking up so we asked him: "What is your interest in this building?"

Pablo Juan lives in the South End and will be working at the new restaurant when it opens (cooking).  The food, he says, will be a mixture of pasta and rice dishes.  "Where's your boss?" we asked.  His answer was funny:  "Sleeping."  The next time we met Pablo he was sweeping leaves off the sidewalk in the rain.  Moves faster that way, he said.  

The new owners have repainted the outside (same colors) and installed new exterior lighting.  Ladders and paint cans on the inside - a political sign in the window - there's Boston life inside! We can't wait.  Compare to how the property looked in August 2010.

By the way, 33 Hancock Street got in the way of the egg wars on Halloween and has the remains of three fresh eggs splattered on its face.

Upham's Corner Fall ScenesUpham's Corner Fall Scenes
Upham's Corner Fall ScenesUpham's Corner Fall Scenes
On October 23, 2010 DotBike sponsored a ride through Dorchester - an event scheduled as part of the Dorchester Arts Collaborative Open Studios.  One of their stopping places was a small but noteworthy public artwork covering a street utility box here in Upham's Corner.  It's easy to take such artwork for granted or ignore it or miss it entirely in the busy hubbub of the day (like crossing the street to get some chicken).  

Located where Davern exits to Columbia Rd, it is worth your consideration and appreciation. 

Upham's Corner Fall ScenesUpham's Corner Fall ScenesUpham's Corner Fall Scenes
Dorchester Bay, who owns the building where Jackson Market is located, authorized Maloney Properties to upgrade the front of the building.  Apparently the blue tile was not adhering well to the surface. Jose Silverio, owner of Jackson Market, says he likes it a lot better.  

They did a great job, don't you think?   Consider sending a thank you to Dorchester Bay (Helena Pimentel).  

Upham's Corner Fall ScenesUpham's Corner Fall Scenes
Upham's Corner Fall ScenesUpham's Corner Fall Scenes
Upham's Corner Fall Scenes
Rent-A-Center at 531 Columbia Rd (the front door is on Hancock St) is getting a face lift.  The owner of the building has authorized a contractor to repoint the bricks.  The mortar was loose and reducing the integrity of the brick structure.  

Thanks for keeping Upham's Corner well maintained.  

Upham's Corner Fall ScenesUpham's Corner Fall Scenes
The section of Dudley Street between Monadnock and Virginia Streets is looking a lot cleaner these days.  Naverez Clothing Gear (Henry Naverez) and Camilo Liquors (Ambioris Fernandez) are both maintaining trash barrels in front of their businesses.  

What a difference it makes!  Camilo sells lottery tickets and ... alcohol.  Lottery ticket discards and plastic nips as well as brown bags litter the sidewalks close by and wander in both directions to the barbershop and L&M Clothing.  

Walk by sometime.  Take a look at how much trash both of these businesses are collecting.  Yes, we know - not all of it would have ended up in the street and on the sidewalk but any amount of white paper "glued" to the ground makes the Upham's Corner sidewalks look bad.

Be sure to thank both of these businesses for their consideration.   

Upham's Corner Fall ScenesUpham's Corner Fall Scenes
St. Mary's Episcopal Church - 14 Cushing Ave - is getting a new roof along with lots of wood trim repair from the many years of no maintenance.  The contractor is using architectural shingles and installing copper valleys.  

According to Rev Cathy George, the extensive roof work shows evidence of the refounding and revitalization of the church.  Rev. George was much more interested in inviting people to church  than in talking about the roof  She also brought up the playground  Only last year they installed a $25,000 playground.  It was used this year extensively by the 65 kids in their summer program  It is used all year round by the Ruth Darling daycare center.

Rev. George promised to extend herself to a lenthier interview in the future.   Many photos - so click here to view

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